cloudphobia is a beautiful horizontally-scrolling shoot 'em up which recounts your struggle as a pilot to set free a girl who is able to control the power of the machines. Player will be confronted with five stages with 3 minutes time limit for each levels. Protect your mothership from destruction but at the same time reach the boss before time runs out. cloudphobia is composed of five 3-minute episodes. Players must use their boost to reach and defeat each end boss within the time limit, while also protecting their mothership by destroying as many enemies as they can. There are two types of mechs to choose from: the PLG-90, that's armed with a gun and the NĂșllPunktur, that's armed with a vibroblade.

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seems like could have been a fun game but plagued with bugs which leave the game almost unplayable literally I have had 3 different type of error that crash this game or cause problems that leave it unplayable the most annoying would probably be the one that exits the game mid way through the third level with some sort of error pertaining to the pointer? tried on two systems with a variety of both AMD and several NVidia graphics cards always this same error.


Nice look and "arcadey" feel. Fluid gameplay. Still, felt more console ready than PC ready. For PC, needs some work on the menus, the control cues, and the control sensitivity (-1). Also could use mouse support in at least the outer menu. (-1) It's a lot better than many of the old arcade games used to play, but (possibly due to the machine SF style), lacks a certain character. I never "hate" any of the enemies, not for story or for difficulty. Which mean I don't really care whether they beat me or I beat them. (-1) They're just a test of skill, no more no less.


this game is great

'Beautiful game. I played it so many years ago, but forgot the title and thought it was lost forever (thanks Desura).
It's fairly short, but I do recommend it to fans of the genre.


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