Civitae is a city building tycoon game in which you help humanity evolve though the ages with the power of industry.

Build houses, farm lands, production lines and amenities to grow your cities. Trade between them and reach for the skies.

This game is in active developement and currently in private alpha. There is no release date planned as we are only two person working on it during our spare time but we are sending key for the private alpha.

Register here to participate to the alpha:

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Today we release the second Alpha of Civitae. We implemented a lot of your amazing feedback!

If you don't want to read the details, here the major changes:

  • Warehouse and store works in a completely different way now. Taking inspiration from old games like Pharaoh, each warehouse have 6 slots to store one type of item each. You can configure how much slots is available per item and they are accepting every type of item when you build them
  • Your save-games from alpha 1 are NOT COMPATIBLE. Sorry, I had to update unity from 2017.1.1f1 to 2019.3.0a3 to fix some issue, the .net framework is updated and the serialisation broke :(

The full list of bug-fixes and improvements:

  • Gameplay:
    • Warehouse and store works in a completely different way now. See beginning of post
    • Woodcutter now cut the trees slower but still produce the same amount of wood
    • Overlay now refresh every month when opened.
    • Transporter now spawn at centre of building if building size is bigger than 1x1
    • Fix a bug preventing small primitive house to go buy bread if their food need was lower than the satisfaction provided by a single peace of bread
    • Building Road is now easier, when opening the build road menu, you can start building road directly without having to select a road type. You can also build multiple road at once without re-opening the menu
    • Greatly improve the house restock of food (and other needs). Houses should not get stuck trying to keep a maximum stock of food anymore and never upgrading as their transporter is in a loop between the shop and the house.
    • Tweak the tutorial
  • Interface
    • Scale the resolution of the UI for less common resolutions
    • Speed up default zoom speed with mouse wheel
    • Add a Copy / Paste option for warehouse and store configurations
    • Create a separate dialog for warehouse and store configurations
    • Show a warning icon and text when nothing is accepted in a warehouse or store
    • Refresh the "no road" warning on building as soon as a new road is built next to them
    • Refresh the "building off" warning icon as soon as the building is turned on/off
    • The coloured radius around building is now partially transparent and shouldn't hide everything else
    • Add an overall consumption for 12 months in the City Panel, next to stocks
    • Add an overall consumption for 1 month in the City Panel, next to stock - This UI info may disappear soon, I think it's a bit messy, let me know you thoughts
    • Do not show unity Logo on spashscreen
    • Pressing 'ESC' to close dialog is working now, except for the save and load dialog
    • Rebinding key shortcut now accept any keyboard keys
    • There is a cancel button when rebinding a key shortcut
    • Add a new visualisation of the selected menu in the bottom bar. ie: if the "build industrial building" is open, the icon for it light up.
    • Tweak a lot of button positions
    • Tweak a lot of wordings
    • Add a sound feedback when changing sound effect volume in settings menu
  • Bug Fixes:
    • The road building tool should not try to build road though building that are big buildings anymore
    • Fix a bug that made the "Go to World map" disappear on reload
    • ALT-F4 now properly close the game on windows
  • Technical:
    • Add "Alpha X - Report a bug" on every screen
    • Update unity from 2017.1.1f1 to 2019.3.0a3
    • Greatly improve performance of transporter when moving between tiles
    • Improve Overlay speed
    • Improve frame monitor and TimeSlices warnings (debug info on F7)

Once again, thanks to all of you for your great feedback! We of course still have a lot of them to implement, but even if you didn't see your feedback solved in this list, it is not forgotten!


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