The third in a series of games that has gradualy evolved as Civilizations themselves do, Civilization III draws on the history of Civilization I & II to create a new evolution for the franchise. Many minor adjustments and fixes have been made, along with bigger tweaks that hail from Firaxis' Alpha Centauri, such as unique factions. In Civilization one guides a civilization through war and peace over hundreds of years, from its birth to the Modern age. The turn based gameplay is singleplayer only, and is moddable with custom scenarios.

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Un juego con bajas, por no decir pobres, graficas; mala jugabilidad, sin argumentos, pesima traduccion al espaƱol y lo peor de todo...POR TURNOS
Simplemente, malo...maldigo el dia en que lo compre :(

This game was actually quite appealing, addicting, and somewhat fun. But all in all, it can get a bit boring after playing it for a while.

Learning Curve: 7/10

Immersion/gameplay: 6/10

Campaign/story: 4/10

AI: 9/10

Tactics/roleplay/strategies: 10/10

Balance/faction equalities: 9/10

Objectives/goals: 8/10

graphics/aesthetics: 8/10

UI/controls/difficulty: 7/10

Worth the buy? 6/10

This game at first got my attention. The excitement of playing a long game full of multiple hours (perhaps days) made me desperate to try this out. The music was great, the graphics and feel was well developed, I thought I hit a jackpot!

The game was a bit... too slow however (as it is supposed to be (but it has its flaws :p)). I couldn't even understand how to build a second city until 20 minutes in the game. I had to read text everywhere, which was slightly too much, and the movement spaces your units take is... greatly strict.

But eventually I got used to it, and it was not bad from there on in. I absolutely LOVED the trade agreements, ally and enemy alliances, plus other related diplomacy and especially combat. But even on the lowest difficulty, the game was a bit overwhelming for me to handle.

I can build a massive army, but I'd have to pay a fortune for them to be recruited. The entire economy feels rather stiff, and I thought catapults and trebuches are a tad awful and useless of a unit since you can only attack one space away before they get captured. Especially when you can't kill crap with them. Meh... the combat overall was very good!

Building civilizations however has a weak feel to it and to manage something small is a nightmare. I can't imagine getting any higher than the second age... the Industrial Age. Too slow, makes you want to quit.

Story line is average. Could not tell what was happening and why. Just full of unique objectives.




But a nice game.



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Love this game. Hundreds of hours of gameplay... solid, efficent, awesome!


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