CHIVALRY: Medieval Warfare is a first-person medieval online combat game that seeks to deliver the intensity of epic hollywood medieval block busters to the hands of a gamer. CHIVALRY hurls the player into a fictional medieval world where the Agathian Knights are battling against the newly formed Mason Order for control of the lands of Agatha.

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Chivalry Medieval Warfare has the best gameplay I've seen in many many years.I used to play Unreal Tournament 99 for 2 years,and this game got me the same addiction,which is good...Recommended game for all fps players!

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This game is great fun. After people watched me play it, I've not got 5 friends who all have the game. Incredibly addictive and fresh, a break away from the stale Call of Duty first person clones.

Dec 26 2012 by toxicsociety