Children of Enoch is a point&click adventure game set in the year 2179. 100 years ago a catastrophic event forced the station managers to use the newly discovered FTL engine to flee from the solar system with the station Enoch and its inhabitants.

Since then they jump from one system to another, living as parasites taking the ressource they need to survive and flee an unknown danger.

Enoch was one of the many O'neill stations in the solar system and is divided in two cylinders. Each one with their political entities.

  • Cylinder B, called The Cesspit, Cylinder B is an overcrowded megalopolis with concrete on every square meter. Crime rate is high and the gangs make the law. The vast majority of the population lives in extreme poverty.
  • Cylinder A, a rural paradise and the domain of the "Agris" a caste of wealthy owners of farming companies. They make food for all of Enoch inhabitants. for most of them consider the inhabitants of B as scum.

In Children of Enoch you take control of six differents characters, each one with their own agenda.

  • Arten Long, a sarcastic criminal investigator struggling with her addictions and her traumatic past, during an investigation a teenager dies, how far will she go to avenge him ?
  • John Nakanaga, A criminal investigator with the heart of a boy scout. He is Arten Long's partner and he wories a lot about his colleague. When Arten crosses the line he must choose betwen helping her, or following the law.
  • Marcus Lavergne, head of the Lavergne familly. this wealthy Agri truly believe in a more equitable society for everyone in Enoch. Teenagers went missing from an orphanage that he funded. He will try to get them back at all cost.
  • Trent Lavergne, Marcus' brother and an officer in Cylinder A Milicia. He often help his brother in his official and unofficial business.
  • Alice Kardan, one of the missing teenagers. She tries to escape the strange environement where she woke up.
  • Swan, a cold bloded hitman.

As they all struggles to unravel their own mysteries, greater events are in motions on Enoch.

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Hi everyone ! Here's the first trailer for Children of Enoch, what do you think ? Voices by the very talented Ivy Dupler and Edwyn Tiong.
Wishlist now !

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