Match three meets chess! Find your way through the grounds of a medieval castle while scoring big points, seeking treasure and avoiding a game board shut down. It's Chesster!

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Chesster is billed as match three meets chess, but how exactly will this work? Part 1 looks at how to move pieces to get points.

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In chess, there are six unique pieces. Unique because each of these pieces moves in a different way. These rules of movement are how you must move their counterparts in Chesster, so lets take a look at them all. As a key to the following illustrations, a dot indicates a single space as where an arrow indicates movement the entirety of the board.

The Pawn

First is the pawn and it can only move toward the top of the game board! It's crazy! This one is a more common piece and is worth the fewest amounts of points.

The Rook

Here is the next valuable piece in Chesster, the rook! This one can move as far as it wants horizontally or vertically until it hits the edges.

The Knight

Next in order of point magnitude is the knight and probably the most tricky piece! The knight moves either two spaces horizontally or vertically, then takes a step to either side. Best way to think of this is the shape of an "L".

The Bishop

The bishop is kind of like the rook, but it moves diagonally instead, easy!

The King

The king can move in any direction, but only one space. In chess, this is the most valuable piece, but in Chesster it's runner up to our last piece...

The Queen

The queen is the piece that will earn you the most amount of points in Chesster, but that is for a very good reason. In order for a queen to appear on the board, you have to connect 5 or more of the previous pieces! But, when you manage to get one on the board, the queen can move any direction as far as it wants!

All of this might get a little muddy in the memory sometimes, so there will be a reference box in the game, just in case!

game help

That's it for now!



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