Against the "smart germs" of tomorrow's biowarfare, nanites will be our drone soldiers, but for how long? Enter the fluid living world of Cell (grown from "dynamic voxels") to live through the emergence of new life: YOU, a nanobot who shoots deadly colloids and monofilament clouds, builds defenses, pathways, and supercharged weapons, deciphers sinister enemy nanotech, and LEARNS. Tactics, strategy, then awareness drive you to save your patient, your host... your new home?

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Today begins a one-week sale of "Cell: emergence" for $.99:

Though version 1.1 of the game has been on Desura for some time, the official announcement of the update was made today. Version 1.1 serves new and casual players by adding visual tutorial screens that demystify the "massively reactive" game mechanics.

The "dynamic voxel" gameworld places high demands on players' ability to perceive and interpret. In this new version of the game, players still face challenging levels and surprising organic reactions within the 1,000,000-cell gameworld, but they now can focus on finding a cure for the heroine's disease rather than deciphering the entire field of nanomedicine.

The new tutorial screens present the terminology needed to understand the biological simulation, and they explain the HUD, which implicitly defines the goals of a mission.

Cell: emergence Trailer - Desura


Don't miss your chance to grab this improved version for less than a dollar!

Or check out the updated free demo, which now includes three levels instead of just one:

Cell: emergence demo on Desura

Cell: emergence demo on Desura

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Posting a link and description of the Cell: emergence demo.

Cell: emergence Released on Desura

Cell: emergence Released on Desura

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Enter the fluid living world of Cell and defend it against "smart germs".

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Cell HD Demo v. 1.1

Cell HD Demo v. 1.1

Demo 2 comments

Get a taste of the "massively reactive" gameplay in indie game Cell: emergence, a journey inside the human body based on "dynamic voxels." Inspired by...

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Gn0meSlice - - 568 comments

Would you and your team be interested in a Cell: Emergence feature on IndieGameStand at some point?

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Gn0meSlice - - 568 comments

I bought this on Gamersgate a while ago. How does it update? Do I need to download it again?

Extremely interesting game, by the way. =]

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alloplastic Creator
alloplastic - - 4 comments

Hi, Gn0meSlice.

Sorry for the slow reply... I still don't have email updates set up for this page, it seems.

If you see the visual tutorials in the game (annotated screenshots of gameplay), then you have the latest version and there's no need to update.

I was intending to have the game update automatically, via Microsoft's ClickOnce feature, but weird security issues cropped up if the game was downloaded from the Internet as a ZIP.

I any case, the latest version is stable and I don't expect it will need another update.

Thanks for checking it out...

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BubbyBobble - - 6 comments

Quite possibly one of the best games that I've played in a long time. Beautiful art style, provides a good challenge, and is far more interesting than most games currently out on the market.

I've been promoting the hell out of this every chance I get, in hopes that it'll be greenlit. This game deserves a much wider audience.

And thank you so very much for the .99 sale that you had a while back. It just so happens that it was all I could afford at the time, so I jumped at the chance to get this. I'm very happy that I did. :)
I just wish that I had enough money to buy a few more copies to gift out to my friends.

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ElBaron - - 97 comments

That was an interesting trailer...

I was hooked but I loved the "educational value" more than the game play.

Why'd I put that in quotes? I actually felt like I was a shareholder staring at GlaxoSmithKline's or Pfizer's newest medication, the world's first nanobot....IN ACTION!

I was forced to imagine the diseases and dangers while watching the trailer, I felt like a nano-bio-medico-engineer for the fleeting couple of minutes that I saw the trailer.

It has been a while since a game made me feel this colossal amount of awe, let alone by just watching the trailer........ Thank You.

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mik3k - - 199 comments

I bought this for the voxels, I love voxels. I buy all games with voxels. Looks very nice and different kind of game.

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10243 - - 22 comments


your game makes no sense i shoot the membrane and i see white **** pop up everywhere but then the seed starts growing and i cant do anything about it then i lose at least it was a hour closer to the lock-in im going to wasting my time trying to beat the first level

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alloplastic Creator
alloplastic - - 4 comments

Hi, 10243.

Sorry for the slow reply. If you lose the demo level once, you should get help text that says "fill the entire membrane with antibodies" (the "white ****"). If you do that, it's pretty hard to lose the level.

You might want to check out the new tutorial video we created. It's on YouTube now and has been submitted to Desura.

"Cell" is an experiment and not like many other games, but I think it makes sense if you invest the time to learn its mechanics.

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kherux - - 17 comments


Are you being racist?

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Profile1234882721 - - 43 comments

It sure is a shame that people rate this down for silly problems, it truly is a great game.

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