March, 2047. A massive nuclear fireball explodes high in the night sky, marking the dramatic beginning to the Third Tiberium War. The infamous Kane has returned to lead the Brotherhood of Nod in a massive global assault on the Global Defense Initiative and the few remaining Blue zones left on the planet. Only you can stop him. The fate of humanity – and the planet – is in your hands.


This campaign is the second Nod campaign I made for Tiberium Essence. This connects with TheFinnishGuy's GDI campaign "Desperate Times". For further info read the READMAH file that comes with the maps, and for further story info read the pictures that come with the maps. If you have already downloaded this campaign on its previous version, download it again cause it's fixed now.

The war To End All Wars

First off Looking great and downloading now!

Now for the inevitable request, do you plan on incorperating v 1.5s upcoming tiberium flora/red zone textures in the mod?

Also if 1.5 is released will you update the maps in the vanella campain with carnius's tiberium plants and structures?

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playmsbk Author

Overall, I have made only two red zone maps, which I plan to add some of the flora and some textures, and that means I will update these campaigns. In the new campaign, that will come after 1.5 is out, it is inevitable that there will be red zones (as I plan it now, it'll be three red zone maps). Also, the snow map I have done will not change, because that would be a lot of work while the map looks good and snowy.

That's not up to me or any other campaign maker, it's up to carnius, but if he wants me to help so that he can focus on more important stuff, I'd be happy to help.

Sorry for late answer :P

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For which version?

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