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Add file *New* Fixed Ultimate Collection Launchers v1.00
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Fixed launchers for the games in Origin's Command and Conquer: The Ultimate Collection. Re-enables command-line parameters for the games, adds in some missing registry keys, and adds in some community patches automatically. These launchers ARE NOT the same as Bibber's; made with an entirely different programming language, and the functions used in the source are not related to those used in Bibber's. I made my own launchers for the community to use based on how I think they originally should have worked since Bibber doesn't want his up anywhere public anymore (his decision, of which I respect). License file included with download. Permissions about redistribution detailed in there. Have fun :D

*New* Fixed Ultimate Collection Launchers v1.00
Medstar Author

Small note for those who use this for C&C:Renegade; your antivirus may flag "RenegadeLauncher.exe" as unsafe and may quarantine the file. I assure you that this is a false positive. Apparently the name "RenegadeLauncher" is labeled as an unsafe file for whatever reason. One antivirus in particular that may do this is Webroot SecureAnywhere.

Again, this is a FALSE-POSITIVE; the source used to compile the exe's are almost exactly the same as the ones I used for the other games. Just tell your antivirus that the file is safe and to whitelist it, as to prevent it from being deleted over and over.

Sorry for any confusion this may pose; I'll look into it, but it will be noted as a low-priority issue for now as this is not game-breaking and is more of a mild inconvenience.

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Hey there. OWA here from the Renegade modding community.

We typically recommend Renegade players to install the latest version of the Renegade custom scripts (currently version 4.6), which pretty much completely bypasses the Origin launcher anyway, so it would be better to send players towards that if they wish to play Renegade.

You can get the latest version of scripts here:

If you want to grab me or any of the script devs about anything Renegade-related, head over to our Discord at:


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Medstar Author

Ah, thank you for the information :D

The primary purpose for the first version of these launchers is to allow players to regain the basic functionality for their games; i.e. to allow their games to have CLI parameters be usable again, much like with Bibber's fixed launchers. An exception to this, which is already stated in the description, is C&C95; which would not work with my fixed launchers alone--they needed the 1.06c patch in order to fully work; however, this necessity turned into a convenience since players wouldn't have to install that patch themselves. Funny enough, the original fixed launchers for C&C95; used an incomplete version of the 1.06b patch; "incomplete", in that it only added in the 1.06b exe for the game and nothing else--so this is more or less an upgrade compared to that.

Including community patches, when/if possible, is another goal for this project. As I have never really played Renegade before, I most likely would never have known about those scripts until far later on.

With that said, I do not plan on adding those scripts in *as of right now*; I will formally give a request to add in those scripts in the server you've provided, seeing as that seems to be the main hub for its development. I say this as to dismiss any allusions of me going ahead and adding them in without permission, with me talking about adding in community patches in the previous paragraph. Plus, I like keeping things documented with stuff like this as to avoid any *possible* complications in the future (e.g. the 1.06c patch) :D

Thank you again for informing me of this, and I will gladly take a look at your server when I get to that point in development.

Have a good one!

P.S. Sorry this is a long message XD I tend to get really wordy when discussing this stuff.

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That's all good man! Sounds perfect to me, cheers! If you have any questions let us know. :)

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Medstar Author

Small note for those having issues on non-Global versions of TUC: If your game starts saying that you need to register your game through your EA account, that is a bug on my end, of which I am currently addressing.

The way I had the launchers set up was to simply replace the .par files with ones already patched to not need Origin on startup--I did this as to speed up the patching process; HOWEVER, I failed to realized that localized versions of TUC (e.g. the German localized version) have different ContentID's that define what version of TUC you have. I will release a new version with a tool that simply patches the .par files on-the-fly.

TL;DR: I set my launchers' installer to overwrite the .par files of ALL of the different TUC versions with patched ones from the Global edition, resulting in "broken" copies of the games. I know the fix, and the fix will be released in v1.01 once it is complete.

If your game has been affected by this, just repair it through the Origin desktop app and either wait for the new release or hunt down a copy of Bibber's v1.20 fixed launchers for now.

Sorry for the inconvenience; but hey, this is v1.00 after all--bugs are bound to be found.

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So no more bibble launchers is need anymore

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Medstar Author

Yep, no need for them if you get mine; these aim to serve as an enhanced replacement to Bibber's, since he doesn't want his up on any public link anymore. They work just about the same as his, and will be updated further with extra features and community patches. :)

Of course, as stated with my previous message, there is one slight bug in patching the games' .par files if you own a German or other localized version of TUC (anything other than the Global version of TUC)--of which i am addressing and of which I know the solution for. Other than that, they work and install pretty much the same as Bibber's.

Edit: Rephrased my response.

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