Card chronicles is a mobile card game for iOS and android set in the fantasy world of Neubilor.

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August 2016: The Beginning Stages

The development process for Card Chronicles all started with John Crisp and his first concept which was created on August 23, 2016; marking the beginning stages to the wondrous world the battle card game takes place in. The game is being developed to be a completely free to play game for the mobile devices, both android and iOS platforms.

The goal is to have a wide range of creatures and people that live in the land of Neubilor, which is where Card Chronicles is based in, and how they have been affected and adjusted due to the Neuso, or energy from the crystals that empower the land of Neubilor. It will have a fantasy world and story to go along with, giving you opponents to face off and a goal to accomplish with your team of creatures in the deck that you will be able to build.

John Crisp started the game development by using a basic design to get the core game mechanics working of being able to attack other cards around yours. Further mechanics included:

  • Each card showed their health meter in the center of the card.
  • Light blue cards represented that they are your cards
  • Dark blue cards represented that they are the computers, or opponents, cards.
  • Green cards showed that you have killed that card creature or it has been taken\
  • Red cards showed that the computer, or opponent, had killed or taken the card creature.
  • Once a card reaches 0hp, it’s taken by the side in which is attacking that card.
  • If a card is already at 0hp and you are able to kill an alive card that is located next to a dead card on the field, and if both cards belong to the opposite team, then the alive card would then be able to be killed with a combo to all of the dead cards around it on the field.

Design #1

battle screen

Build #1

battle screen

Late September 2016: The Updates Begin

After a little over a month had gone by, this original concept got an update that led to the next step completion for Card Chronicles development. The updates were created in response to the feedback given by the test players, such as the fact that 90% of the players didn’t even know there was a scroll bar and got stuck on what to do next after placing the first 2 cards down that are in view. The things that were updated were:

  • The UI and card designs were changed to be more aesthetically pleasing.
  • A coin toss was added at the beginning of the match to decide who goes first, fairly.
  • The scroll bar was widened from the original design. This is so that players will be able to easily see it and drag it down with their finger, showing the rest of the cards that are currently in their hand for use.
  • The pause button was dropped to a lower section of the screen to allow more space on the screen to see the cards and playing field.
  • Added card dynamics so that each card would be randomly generated when receiving your cards. The values are determined by ranges that allow for a minimum and maximum value that a card’s attack or hp can be set to. This forces the player to collect new cards.

Concept #2

battle screen

Design #2

battle screen

November 2016: Adding More Selections to the Main Menu

Jumping ahead a few more months, we are now in November of 2016, and Card Chronicles has again received some major developmental updates. The game must first have an initial standing before reaching the assets of the game, such as the shop section, campaign selections and other sections from the main menu screen. Now that the ground work is done, the new updates include more than just the battle section of the game. They were:

  • Completion of a shop screen and campaign selection that can be selected from the main menu of the game.
  • A brand new battlefield layout has been added.
  • Cards have been updated to have two new different versions.
    • One version will be that the card will be in every other view where you can see information, such as it’s name, level, type, weakness and attack values.
    • One version will be for when the card is placed on the battlefield, as the level and name are no longer important, it will have removed them and replaced this with a color indicator that helps to show what side a card is currently on.
  • Animations have been added to the battlefield for when the match starts.
  • The placements of where the players can place a card on the field has been randomized.
  • An increase to the total amount of placement slots, raising it to 12, to allow for more options to attack cards from on the field. This coupled with the randomization of the placement slots, allowing for the matches to avoid being repetitive.
  • A death icon so that you are aware of which cards are already at 0hp, aiding your strategies so that you can line up a combo.

Design #3

forest scene new card design

Build Stage 3

battle screen

December 2016: The Story Details Grow

Gained a partnership with the freelance writer Dean Clark who will put together the campaign, creature details, dialog and the lore of Neubilor. He will also be creating bios for the creatures, giving them a background that fits the land of Neubilor. Another aspect for him is to connect the details on how the energy from the crystals in the land, called Neuso, has affected the people and the creatures.

Current Standing
While there is still a lot of progress and adjustments to make, this game is actively building it’s database of creatures and the story is being put together a little more each week! The amount of creatures is hoped to reach around 300 and the first 25 have already been officialized.

We look forward to the continued development of Card Chronicles and will keep you up-to-date with more status articles, just like this one, and providing progress updates on both the Facebook page, Twitter page and SlideDB page.

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