The year is 2113. With all of Earth's natural resources gone, humankind has prevailed and taken to the stars. CANARI (Cybernetic Aerospace Navigation and Reclamation Intelligence) Corporation's Astrobots seek out distant planets and dangerous asteroids searching for precious minerals, paving the way for human mining colonies.
In CANARI you play as Lumin, a worker robot, who has always admired the CANARI Astrobots and their wild adventures in space travel. After deciding that he's more than what he was engineered to be, Lumin stows away in a ship in pursuit of his dreams. After crash landing on an alien planet he's forced to beat the odds against him as he tries to find his way back home. Mutated bioluminescent creatures, harsh environments, and a labyrinth of dark caverns block his way home. Can Lumin use his light to descend the darkness and ward off the enemy? Can he extract enough energy to power his journey home?

Key Features:

Herd and Capture Gameplay: Bringing strategy to dual stick action games
Hybrid Hand-Crafted and Procedural Levels
Upgrade Weapons and Equipment
New Take on Permadeath
Story and Survival Modes
Hidden Treasures and Unlockables
Character Customization Tools (TBD)
Custom Level Editor: Players can create their own maps (TBD)
Multiplayer (TBD)

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PixelBot Games Q&A on EGMNow


A Q&A is now up on EGMNow with indie developers, PixelBot Games. PBG talks briefly about their beginnings, what to expect in a full version of CANARI as well as links to access their early demo build. You can read the full QA here.

CANARI Gameplay Demo at VGU-Con

CANARI Gameplay Demo at VGU-Con


PixelBot Games is unveiling their first demo for CANARI this weekend at the Video Gamers United Conference in downtown Washington, DC. Booth# 473

CANARI is now on Steam Concepts

CANARI is now on Steam Concepts


Starting today, PixelBot Games is looking for feedback on the game they are currently developing. You can find out more information as well as start a...

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