CabinPhobia: The Crazed ButtStabber, is an experimental Survival/Horror Parody game, set to kick off an episodic saga, whilst poking fun at most horror movie and horror game stereotypes. This game puts you through four short stealth or puzzle based chapters that lead to one of four possible endings. The game runs on the RPG Maker XP engine, and as such, requires you to install RTP Standard which will be included with the game's download folder. CabinPhobia was designed to be the first in an episodic trilogy, with the sequel due for production in early 2014. There are several in game references that hint at the plot of future episodes.

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On October 13th the CabinPhobia demo will officially be available for download! The demo will feature an extended segment from the main game with a small easter egg that will only be available in the demo! Also a second announcement, though CabinPhobia is just a short experimental start to its trilogy, expect an extra extension chapter to be released in December that ties in with the sequel, which is due for development Summer 2014! That's for any support and please, stay tuned for updates leading up to the release!

Getting ready!

Getting ready!


Happy Happy News 4 All! A short update on our release date and a word from our head event maker!

yuijay - - 2 comments

I've always been fascinated by Platformer horror games,I can't wait for this one's release!

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