Build and Defend (or B&D) can be best described a Survival Strategic Multi-player Rogue-like Sandbox game. The game is mainly played at the 3th person (like Zelda 3). The main goal of the game is to build and organize a fortress in order to survive waves of monsters. To do so, and among other things, you will have to build ramparts, train soldiers, organize food production, resources gathering and crafting of tools. For the larger monsters, you will have to get an equipment and fight yourself. If you are brave enough, and to get the rarest resources, you will also have to explore dungeons, caves, and tombs.

B&D can be played alone, cooperatively with several players on the same computer, or though internet. Several experimental mods are available, including a first person PvP, a creative mod, and the castle mod.

You adventure begins when you wake up in a desolated and dangerous world. You have a wood sword, a bit a wood, some seed of wheat , a dogand a sheep. Soon, you will find out that you will need to have to work to survive. You first mission will be to find something to eat, to build a shelter, and getting prepared to fight the monsters that populate the world during the night.After the first night, you will have a full day to enjoy your victory (if you survive).

But the next night is coming. The more the day and night goes, the more aggressive the monster are. New types of monsters and bosses will appear. In addition, you will have to be very clever to pass all the challenges the world will give you (no spoil here :) ).

Hopefully, your friends are here to help you. And if you play solo, you can always count on the "workers" (little creature that will help you to build and make your fortress work).
Build & Defend is a rogue-like. So, don't expect to survive long on your first try. But soon, you might be experienced enough to pass the second night :)!

The website of build and defend has a ranking system to show players that have been able to survive the longest. You can also share your replays. Recently, we open the Wiki of Build & Defend where you can learn about the world and hope to survive a bit longer.

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Build&Defend v1.0.11 was released just before last Christmas.
Today was the release of the version 1.0.30.
In between, the game play of B&D has changed a lot:
New bosses and new monsters have been added, a fluid and mechanic engines have been created, the characters (PNJ) are far more cleverer, and so on, and so on...

This news will present (with a lot of pictures) all the cool new features, new game-play elements and game improvement of these last 9 months!

Enjoy :)!

The Workers

The biggest (and also less) visible improvement of these last 9 months have been the work done for the "Workers" artificial intelligence.
Workers are little bear-like creature that will help you to keep your fortress alive.
They can fight, they can craft, they can build stuffs, they can cultivate, they can carry stuffs, etc.
However, they are very fragile, they need to eat, they need to sleep, and monsters tend to try to eat them.
Making good artificial intelligences is hard, that is why these last game months I worked on making them more reactive, better to handle tasks together and better to act in bad situations.
You can learn more about the workers at

Inside of your fortress, workers are working.
(click to enlarge)

PvP Mode

Fighting monsters is nice, but fighting player is completely unique.
Build&Defend includes a special PvP mode where you can fight your friend in a destructible castle full of secret passages.
If you loved Quake3, you will love the special PvP mode! For your pleasure, here are some screen shot for you.

The first person PvP
(click to enlarge)

Piston and lever

The key of making fortress is to build traps, secret passages, bridges, water pumps, etc.
And for that, you need to build mechanisms. With a bit of imagination, you can do pretty amazing stuffs.

Here are some few examples of mechanisms you can do :)

Example of mechanisms
(click to see the videos)

You can learn more about mechanisms at

Fluids (water and gas)

Water and gas are very important in Build&Defend.
Water is your best friend and your worst enemy: Water is the key for agriculture, but it is easy to drown if you don't pay attention.
You can use mechanic to build complex hydraulic systems and carry water where you need it.
Gas is more tricky and will probably be a problem for your - especially when exalted by monsters in narrow corridor inside of dark dungeons.

Here are some examples of mechanic you can do with water.

Example of mechanisms
(click to see the videos)


I generally love achievement systems - I don't play for the achievement, but I like challenging them.
Recently I created one for Build&Defend :).
You will find easy and natural achievements like "Killing 10 zombies with a sword", but also more tricky and complex achievements like "Getting to Day 24 without drinking any Health Potions".
You can see your achievements and the achievements of all the other players at Of course, one of the best achievements is the "Debugger" achievement that you can only get if you send a bug report to the developer (me) :)

List of achivements
(click to enlarge)

And a lot more

Those are just few examples of the very last features of Build&Defend, and if you play the game, there are a lot more for you to discover (trust me).
Build&Defend is a game that I built with passion during my free time (and continues to build).
The development is slow but continuous.
Ultimately, my goal is to create a game that you will enjoy playing, and that will always surprise you.
I have a lot of ideas for the news versions - from the smallest, to the craziest.
I hope you guy enjoy it, and I will continue to make it for you :)


And of course, you can download and play Build&Defend at



Ps: If you liked this article, and if you want to write some more, dont' forget to vote for Build&Defend :)

Dev. News #2 - New farming system and carapults in Build & Defend

Dev. News #2 - New farming system and carapults in Build & Defend

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New teaser trailer for Build & Defend

New teaser trailer for Build & Defend

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Increasing the "Open worldliness"

Increasing the "Open worldliness"

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In this news, I present the direction of evolution of the game play of the beta of Build & Defend. I also present the main changes of game play so far.

Openning of the Wiki of Build & Defend and Release of the version 1.0.2

Openning of the Wiki of Build & Defend and Release of the version 1.0.2

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You are tired to die because you don't know how to make arrow reflection potion? You want to know how to have an army to defend your fortress? You can...

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how about STEAM? its easyer to buy it from ther.i mean ill buy it from steam.

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I have the game and i am very pleased. They update often always making the game better. The latest i have ever seen a new update was a month so no need to wait a while. If you have $9.90 to spend i would highly recommend this game.

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Looks exactly like a copy of minecraft. I'm just saying,

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Not at all. Mincraft is a free-roam, sandbox, survival. This is a Sandbox, Tower-Defence, Survival. The only way they are similar is the fact that they have blocks. Other than that 2 totally diffrent games.
P.S. Minecraft wasent the first block game... Minecraft copied a game. I forget witch but if you look it up youll find witch game.

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i think infiniminer was one of the first, but i could be wrong

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I think it is completely irrelevant "who ripped off who" when it comes to any game. If a game is fun, its fun. Every game took influences from something.

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Everything's a remix.

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Why is this game not on Desura?

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because ModDB and IndieDB have their own cloud.

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