The AI has been drastically improved, and the player's team will adapt to whether or not they are seen by whispering. The AI also makes mistakes such as tripping, and helps each other when these mistakes are made. The enemy AI has also been improved allowing the Germans to counter your actions. The game is built on the Unreal Engine 3 and the Windows version can take advantage of the features in DirectX 10 which allows for an enhanced graphical experience for more realistic gameplay.

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FoxFort says

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I like the story. BIA always had a good story about soldiers. Graphics is also very nice. Gameplay is meh. Too much of the same. From first to the last mission, all is the same. Move from A to B to C, kill small amount of Germans and that's it. First part of campaign is good but second part is boring.

The second part is about German counter-attack. In game, German counter-attack is around ~30 soldiers per map, only 4-6 tanks in entire game to battle with, no apc. They should have made more troops in the field, bigger skirmish scale. Making it more like WW2 frontline battles, not you and 5-6 of your troopers being like rambos ...

Graphic 8, BiA way of storytelling 9, Gameplay 6.
8+9+6=23, 23/3=7.666

Score 8.


Exellent storytelling
Good gameplay but with some flaws, such as the fact that the german troops doesn't throw grenades.

Not so realistic like the first two titles, but we like it anyway

not as good as the first two but still a great ww2 fps i hope they decide to make another


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