You can turn the world upside down. But you can never turn back.

lenlawliett says

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nice game
-good concept
-good graphics
although i got dizzy with all the "change direction" stuff it was cool and the boy looks funny with his chicken outfit -lmFao
the white lady ghost..uhh.. i don't know why but she seemed suspicious
you might wanna fix that? heheh..
before playing, i was really intrigued with this games and i got satisfied when i finally played it
there's not much story though but hey, i liked it
good job for the creators! :D

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Highest Rated (5 agree) 9/10

This is an excellent,short 3D puzzle game. All fans of games such as Ico and Portal should try it out, and indeed anyone who wants something a bit different. My only minor criticism is that it could have benefitted from save points rather than check points, especially towards the end. Otherwise; atmospheric design in graphics, levels, sound and a well plotted learning curve make this game a winner.

Apr 2 2011 by FoodFighterX