• Over 50 Different Places to Explore!
  • Epic Musics!
  • Rated for Everyone!
  • Puzzle Hard!
  • No Way Back!
  • Run and Jump!
  • Spikes!
  • Hard Enemy and Bosses!
  • Figure out how to kill a Boss!


This was a wonderful day in Box World. In the Village "Pixel". There were a Young Cube. But one day. The Sphere/Cylinder World attacked the Box World! This was 2 After the Young Cube learned to Jump! Now he was Ready to Adventure/Explore to Save the Box World from the Sphere/Cylinder world!


  • Yohan, Lead Programmer
  • David Orr, Musics
  • Waterflame, Musics

This Game will be Released as soon as Possible!

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I Finally Fixed the Prologue! YES! The Old Prologue was to Odd. so i made a Quick Prologue and Yeh. There isn't any EPIC Story to The Game. But it's big! It took 30MB to draw Both Planets! (I Don't know why-_-)

So the Game Became 91.5 MB Until now Because of the Core/Models/Game_Files/InGame Scripts.

So you'll have to Download the Game. It's bad but it's Epic! You are going to Really Enjoy it!
(i Hope)

The Problem

I had a BIG Problem with the New Scripts so it will may take more time to Develop! I am Sorry but I got no Choice! I had to Configure the Core Files and they Bugged so i will try to Fix it.
I Know how to fix it but i still have to Backup the Whole Pre-Compiled Files and Delete more than 50% of the Game and Use the Backup Files. It will take some time but i still hope it'll work.

The Ancient Pyramid

I am Drawing the Ancient Pyramid for the Game :) It'll take some time to make this. There will be Scary Events in the Ancient Pyramid. So it'll be Rated maybe 12+. But Enjoy with the Game. The Ancient pyramid is the Only Scary Place in the Game! So Don't worry that there will be more Scary Places In the Game.

- Yohan

Sneak Peak at Newgrounds!

Sneak Peak at Newgrounds!


Test the Game at Newgrounds! (It Takes time to load the game). A Quick test for Box Adventures!

May Work in Mac

May Work in Mac


Hi Guys! I am working on Box Adventures to Mac! Post a Comment if you want this game on Mac!

Working with First Boss Castle!

Working with First Boss Castle!


It's Really Hard to make the First Castle! Ive been Scripted For 3 Years now and i think i am going to make a Awsome Game with AS2! (Sorry for my Grammar...


looks nice, why is the health bar flying around like that, annoying as hell!

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