Bounce! is a first-person puzzle-platform game. The game uses simple mechanics to give a fun easy to play game. Explore over 25+ levels over 130+ tasks. The game finally brings back the use of Colour!!.

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I like It. It Feels A Little Like Portal.


Provides what it says. :)

It's a very engaging puzzler, but it did get old a little quickly. It is only fun to bounce a ball around so many times.

UI is also a tad clunky.

I do highly recommend it, though. It's a unique experience. I've never played any other first-person ball bounce games anyway. :)


Crashed upon pressing M. Resolution options are wonky. If I picked the highest rez, and fullscreen, it'd put the timer in the center of the screen, and the cross hairs would then dissapear.

very good game love comic games like that:)



A surprisingly enjoyable free game. It can be a bit repetitive but the levels do try to keep it fresh and for the mostpart it works. I'd personally recommend it as a "I have 15-20 minutes to kill" game rather than rushing through it in large sittings.

Pretty Good


KooBlu says

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A really fun game to play. I like the custom graphics and help provided throughout the game. Has the feel of a homemade project - as opposed to a polished retail game - which I like. Very easy to use interface and excellent in-game help. The only downside at present is the occaisional crashes where the game engine stops working. For a free game, I would have no trouble recommending it.


yay and its free now!


Not a bad game, but constant unexpected crashing make progress nearly impossible.