Plan your attack, move your pieces and outsmart your opponent. Board of Agents is an online strategy board game where you control 5 agents and your objective is to retrieve your briefcase from your opponent's side of the board before he takes his own briefcase back.

Board of Agents is played in simultaneous turns. Both players plan their turn at the same time, then everything happens at once. Reading your opponent and knowing the best moves is key to the game.

Board of Agents is a student project by Team 43 for our second semester at IT University of Copenhagen.

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Open Beta Approaching


After a tumultuous couple of months developing Board of Agents, the game is almost ready for showtime! As you might have noticed from our lack of news, we've been working hard to make it look good and play nicely. We have been polishing the game and hammering out bugs for the last week and, while the game is playable as is, it is not stable enough for being released to the public yet.

We expect that the game-breaking bugs will be solved soon, then we will be able to release an open beta of the game so everyone can take a look at it and, hopefully, pwn some friends in some fast-paced simultaneous turn-based combat!

To leave you all with a taste of what is to come, here is some gameplay footage showing how the game looked like yesterday morning:

Hope you are all excited for the open beta as we are! Don't forget to leave your comment with feedback or with any questions!


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