Blood Omen 2, one of the legacy of kain series, Chronologically, Blood Omen 2 is the most direct sequel to 1996's Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, continuing the story of a younger Kain.

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This is a fantastic game. Just had that certain way about it that makes it fun to play. The atmosphere is spot on, the story is good enough, and the combat (namely "gifts") are fun; if not a bit a clunky. I've been playing this game since I first got it on Xbox when it first came out, have played it on PS2, GameCube, and now PC, and I can easily say that this PC version is by far the best. The Xbox version loses out in the graphical department (by a long mile) and on top of that, the PS2 and Gamecube versions have several bugs where boss music or sound effects fail to play. This is diffidently worth a play.

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