Take control of any one of "The Chosen" -- four extraordinary characters who inhabit a dark near-future world reminiscent of Blade Runner and The Crow. Become Caleb, the vicious protagonist from the original Blood, his cold-blooded love Ophelia, the ruthless Ishmael, or the unrelenting warrior Gabriela. Blood 2’s weapons let you kill and be killed in more ways than any other 3D action game. Burn, electrocute, shoot, stab, voodoo, blow up, slowly dismember, or flay the skin from your opposition, and expect the same treatment right back!


You probably experienced the Blood 2 music problem when using NT-based Windows operating system. If you want to make the music work, you can, partially, by using compatibility mode with Windows 98. The problem there is that the sound gets very distorted and choppy and a lot of good replies can slip-by your ears. Well, now it's 100% fixed. Check the instructions below.

Blood 2 Music Patch
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