The on-going space voxel project by the six sibling studio, ZanMgt! A labor of love, Blockade Runner is an ever-evolving development that's currently undergoing a major engine overhaul to provide a solid foundation for the game's bi-weekly builds. We've found the bi-weekly builds to be an enjoyable and healthy development cycle and are anxiously preparing the game for their return!

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Our "Sonic Screwdriver"'s texture has been given a first draft, and a new weapon system for the multiplayer is almost all the way in place that handles projectiles in space and damage better than our initial tests.

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Our "Sonic Screwdriver"'s texture has been given a first draft, and a new weapon system for the multiplayer is almost all the way in place that handles projectiles in space and damage better than our initial tests.

Blockade Runner Sonic Screwdriver Texture

We've also gone through quite a few of Gabe's assigned week 54-55 bugs. Some were less reproducible than others, but we still got a good portion of them though!

We'd like to thank everyone for contributing their bug reports, and would ask that you continue to do so for week 56!

Community Made Prefabs!

I'm very excited to show off our first imported, community made, prefabs/objects made by community member MrVorgra!

Blockade Runner Community Prefabs!

A great start, and I can't wait to see more prefabs from the community! If you have some models you'd like to see in Blockade Runner, head over to this post to see how. And if you're not sure about what would be ideal in a space environment, check out this post if you need any ideas.

- Micah

Preparing Sketchup Models for 3dsmax!

If you've got any Google Sketch-up skills, you might be able to put your skills to the test and create all new prefabs for Blockade Runner! MrVorgra has created a spectacular tutorial on how to work with Google Skecthup to prepare a model for 3D Studio Max import!

A follow-up tutorial should be on the way that will show you how to fully import the Google Sketchup model into 3D Studio Max, which from there can be imported into Blockade Runner by following Micah's Tutorial or Keptin's video walkthrough.

Alternative Sonic Screwdriver Name

Dozens and dozens of fun submissions were made for alternative names to the Sonic Screwdriver, with a few in particularly really standing out for us (Spork, Spoon... ;D )!

If you've got an idea for an alternative name for our "does everything" device then go ahead and fire away in this forum thread!


Very cool! Prefabs included in Blockade Runner will create a huge visual impact along with the cube methods...
I'm glad you guys use Sketchup in your workflow!
Sketchup is an amazing tool with a huge ease-of-use capability!
There are some pretty cool advanced tools and plugins also.
I have experimented with Sketchup and game design for a long time and found that Sketchup alone won't create the visually stunning static meshes in modern-day engines, but its a great place to start learning.
My biggest problem was fgons, ngons, and normals. Sketchup doesn't really give us control over these 3D properties and these are pretty critical for static meshes or prefabs.
Sketchup actually makes a mess of ngons and normals and when exported to another engine... its completely useless.
I ended up relying on Blender alone, but the workflow it extremely slow compared to Sketchup. So I look forward to a day when Sketchup allows more control over ngons and normal so I can do most of my static meshes and then export as DAE, or OBJ, then import directly into the game engine or Blender/3dMax

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