The on-going space voxel project by the six sibling studio, ZanMgt! A labor of love, Blockade Runner is an ever-evolving development that's currently undergoing a major engine overhaul to provide a solid foundation for the game's bi-weekly builds. We've found the bi-weekly builds to be an enjoyable and healthy development cycle and are anxiously preparing the game for their return!

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Aside from more stability fixes for the multiplayer (still a ways to go though), we've opened the solo option up, put a "start server" option in the multiplayer menu, added new glass transparency blocks, and more!

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What's New?

Aside from more stability fixes for the multiplayer (still a ways to go though), we've opened the solo option up, put a "start server" option in the multiplayer menu, added new glass transparency blocks, and have a bit of a sneak peek of the inventory menu by pressing "[I]" in solo/multiplayer!


Glass Blocks

Voted as a top priority item by the community, translucent glass has been added! It's missing its Fresnel and anisotropic shaders (Gabe’s working on it!), so it may look kind of dull at the moment.


Frame Can Be Placed in Multiplayer

Right-clicking in multiplayer allows you to create frame blocks! A start to solidifying the multiplayer netcode to allow collaborative building, etc.


Early Inventory

Inspired by Diablo 2’s inventory, we're now beginning to expand into the gameplay portions of Blockade Runner. We had tried something closer to Borderland's weapon slots and concluded Minecraft-style slots provided more of a modular look that allowed you to make your own choices for what goes where. Press "I" to take a peek, keep in mind its quite buggy though!


Debri Is Destroyable

Debri could get a little cluttery, so you now have the ability to "attack" it by pressing left-click.


New Debri Models

Debri models have been added for ice, metal, and other ores!


Start Server from In Game

You can now start a server simply by clicking on "Start Server" in the multiplayer menu! In-game server options will also be available soon. Make sure server.exe in the "../server" folder has administrative privileges!


Solo Mode

Playing the game Solo is now available from the main menu, and is an exact duplicate of the multiplayer offering. This means it also shares its bugs, so expect it to improve alongside the multiplayer! In the future this will allow you to transition between multiplayer and singleplayer so at any point you can have your friends join you.

Since solo starts the server.exe, you'll need to make sure "server.exe" in the "../server" folder has administrative privileges.


Editor Changed to “Adv.Editor”

We plan to have a basic editor that will be functional with multiplayer and using simple blocks for beginners, so in advance of this situation we're renaming the default editor to "Advanced Editor".


Fixed No Network Crashes Game

The game would crash on start-up if there was no network connection present (part of the login). This has been corrected, however you'll be dropped into Lite mode at the moment.


Added Items in ../Items folder

Items will be modable in the game through the "../content/items" folder.


Altered Character Behavior

The character movement is undergoing some changes. At the moment, "Zero-g" is triggered when you fall from a high height, and at any point you can toggle between the two by pressing "R". We're still in the process of re-working the character movement behavior, so expect further changes down the road.


Removed Splitscreen From Menu

We've taken out the splitscreen option from the menu. The feature is considered on indefinite suspension for now, and will be accessible from a different menu someday once we get to it.


Asteroid Settings Modifiable

Zack's added a "Asteroids.xml" that grants you access to some of the asteroid generation settings! Remember that there's both an asteroids.xml for the editor and another for the server atm. If you encounter any problems, please report it!

Download Blockade Runner 0.71.0c

(Or use wyUpdate.exe)

Changelog 0.71.0c

- added glass blocks
- added right-click adds frame when in flight mode / multiplayer
- added items in the ../Content/Items folder
- added .xml file for adjusting asteroid settings
- added asteroid icon for generating asteroid
- added [I]opens debug version of the inventory in multiplayer/solo
- added left-click destroys debri
- added start server from multiplayer menu
- changed asteroid debri to be smaller
- changed "alpha indev" to "alpha"
- changed "Lite" to "demo"
- changed player can now look further down
- changed [P] now pilots entities
- changed generating asteroids is restricted in lite version
- changed "EDITOR" in main menu changed to "ADV.EDITOR"
- changed gravity boots activate when you press [R] and surface below your feet
- changed after a certain amount of fall time character switches to zero g
- character can look further down
- fixed asteroid is now editable from .XML
- fixed clicking on corner creates infinite debri
- fixed added new debri models for ice, rock, frame, and etc
- fixed sphere in editor is off
- fixed no internet connection would cause server browser window to crash
- fixed BR losing focus causing disconnects
- fixed BR server settings not changeable in 0.70.0
- fixed game crash when no network was detected (forces Demo mode status atm)
- fixed "ghost lasers" no longer appear
- fixed ray rises when you return from launch
- improved some multiplayer stability
- improved tooltip for controls display moved to center
- improved distance for removing blocks in solo/multiplayer doubled
- removed "SPLITSCREEN" from main menu, this will be accessible from a different menu


Co-op Creation is slowly coming along YAY!, I would love to see co-op adv.Editor, I'm also really liking the Glass.

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So excited about all the updates ZanMgt has been pushing out! so many new features, glass (FINALLY!), moar stuff (TM). etc.

if you're keeping an eye on this game but don't know whether or not to get it, DO! support the Developers, and help make the greatest Sci-fi game of this generation a reality :)

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This game is coming along way faster than I expected. I can't wait until I can start building huge ships and space stations with my friends!

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