Block Story is a great role playing PC game where you build with blocks and can explore to your heart’s content. Today more than 3,000,000 gamers around the world have downloaded it to their mobile phones. And since Block Story has full compatibility between PC and mobile devices, you can move your worlds between your phone and PC allowing you to continue your Block Story adventure at home and on the go. Cool Features * Ten expansive ecosystems to build in and explore * Summon five different creatures to join you in combat * Fantasy/middle ages art style * Level up, grow stronger and battle on * Hours of quest game play and fun

zocyt says

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This game feels like a touchscreen app ported to a desktop with little to no thought or effort. It has a very narrow field of view, even on the highest resolutions.

There are buttons that only appear on the main screen that access specific menus, but those buttons are non-funtional, as the cursor is limited to the various menu screens and thus the player can never actually interact with those buttons. The various menus can only be accessed via hotkey, and there are several additional context-sensitive buttons which may also appear from time to time on the main screen. These additional buttons do not seem to be linked to any particular hotkeys and are thus unusable.

Had I played the mobile version, I probably would have enjoyed it more. As it is, I downloaded a version supposedly optimized for desktop computer usage, which includes keyboad and mouse, only to find a frustrating mess.

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This game is just stunning its visuals. First few minutes that i played this game i was utterly impressed. This game may have a tiny things that are similar to minecraft ,but has excesscive things that minecraft doesnt have. Man i just got to give thanks to the developer for making this game he is a indie developer 0_0. This game provides a astonishing package for you to enjoy and i promise you that it is worth your money. From 80 mobs ,and floating islands ,dungeons vehicles over 12 weapons and…

Dec 19 2012 by Jflamer