Block Story is a great role playing PC game where you build with blocks and can explore to your heart’s content. Today more than 3,000,000 gamers around the world have downloaded it to their mobile phones. And since Block Story has full compatibility between PC and mobile devices, you can move your worlds between your phone and PC allowing you to continue your Block Story adventure at home and on the go. Cool Features * Ten expansive ecosystems to build in and explore * Summon five different creatures to join you in combat * Fantasy/middle ages art style * Level up, grow stronger and battle on * Hours of quest game play and fun

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Dec 28 2012 Anchor

Block Story is already an awesome game with over 80 mobs and 12 weapons, but what else would you like to see in the game? Personally what I would like to see in the game is:

  • Multiplayer
  • Some form of mod support (custom weapons/items)
  • Allow custom textures (If the game is too beuatiful for your eyes)
  • Third person
Jan 2 2013 Anchor

1) We are currently working on the MMO, so we will have massive multiplayer.
2) Currently we support custom recipes, so you can add your own recipes to craft stuff. This is nowhere near enough, but we are working on it.
3) The game does support custom textures, check out the texture pack section in the web site.

Jan 2 2013 Anchor

Thanks, I didn't know about the texture packs on the site, I'll check them out. And can't wait for the MMO!

Jan 10 2013 Anchor

If there's a way to make the crafting system quicker I'd appreciate it.

I will explain by what I mean by quick:

When making planks or sticks or pickaxes, I have to arrange the items myself.

That is fine for when I'm going to be making 1 item but then you find out that you need X to create Y, and to create X you have to arrange 5 items in a + formation.

That might not be clear so let me put it in another way...

If I have the materials to create planks or sticks, pickaxes or even that pesky gold ore in my character's inventory, clicking on the item I want in the recipe book should rearrange the items in crafting table.

If I click 4 times, 4 of the needed items would be rearranged and so on.

But if the above was added and 1 click on an item's image returned me to the crafting table screen, a slider or a way to choose how many of Item Y is needed before clicking would be even better.


Also, is there a way to mess with the configuration files so that when I right click on an empty/open spot, if the CTRL key was held down 10 of the item would be placed instead of 1?
(Imagine making 15 iron pickaxes, you'd have to place the blocks 15 times and for some items 20 times just for 1 single outcome)

- -
Unrelated: Loving the game so far, a pity I bought it before final exams xD

** EDIT **

After checking the wiki for info on creating recipes, I think I've figured out how to solve my problem.

The only annoying part of my solution is that I can't edit the game files...

<recipe name="Clear Stone" category="Blocks"><p> </p>
<p> <row><br>
        <item name="Stone"></item><br>
            <item name="Fire"></item><br>
    </row>    </p>
<p> <result name="Clear Stone"></result></p>
<p> <description language="en"><br>
        A stone useful for building and creating bricks.<br>
<p> <description language="ru"><br>
        Каменный блок для строительства и создания кирпичей.<br>

According to the wiki at: , the above XML code creates Clear Stones without forcing the player to arrange the items in a specific way.

Are there some hidden/zipped XML files installed by Desura that I can edit? I'm asking because recreating every item's recipe just to make it easier for me to craft is not worth the hassle if I could just unpack something, delete/modify the original recipe and load my save.

Edited by: ElBaron

Jan 10 2013 Anchor

El Baron, you need to remove all the < p > and < br > from your file. those are html constructs.
You certainly dont have to transfer items one at a time to the crafting table. Use the middle mouse button to transfer half when you are drag and dropping, and use the right mouse button to grab the full stack. check here for details:

I like your idea for using the recipe book for instantly arranging items in the crafting table. I will look into it.

Edited by: blockstory

Jan 11 2013 Anchor

Seeing as I've created the same topic (almost) on the official forum and I got a NICE tip [ Middle mouse button ftw!]....

Consider my problem solved and thanks for the help :)

Apr 14 2013 Anchor

i would like to see custom mobs :)

Apr 14 2013 Anchor

And custom weapons/tools.

Jun 9 2013 Anchor

Some hints on where to find Hugo?

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