The year 2071. You are tasked with finding the pioneer team who went missing while exploring the newly opened mine on Mars.


You and a few team members began descending into a 10-mile deep Martian cave. During the descent, the elevator crashes, and only a few of you survive.

You have no communication with the surface, and there's no sign of the lost pioneer team that you have been sent for. You start moving through the tunnel and see something you never expected.

A subterranean world right beneath Mars, full of alien life and surrounded by dense jungles and bizarre weather.

Explore the vast "Martian Underground World"

Unravel the secrets of the Martian underground world by exploring its vast and formidable environments. Experience full freedom of exploration with enjoyable new mechanics.

Craft tools to venture into the most distant corners.

Harvest resources and craft new tools, climb anywhere dynamically, row the underground seas with your boat and build structures that help you overcome obstacles along your way.

Build a shelter or house that you can call "home".

Build your house, deck out your buildings with furniture, crafting tools, and more. Make sure your house is durable enough against unforgiving weather and unknown creatures!

Progress on the story

Progress through the story, improve your crafting, weapons and more. Find an energy source and send it to your printer and signal booster. Establish a connection with the surface so you can let them know that you are still alive.

Key features

  • Survive on a vast subterranean world beneath the Martian surface.
  • Dive deep into dangerous dungeons and gather resources.
  • Climb dynamically, craft tools that can help you pass obstacles.
  • Progress through the story and unlock the mysteries and the fate of the missing pioneer team.
  • Build your house, deck out your buildings with furniture, crafting tools, and more.
  • Track the footsteps of the missing pioneer team and learn their fate.
  • Play with your friends up to four people.

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