Blackvoxel is now a free open-source game!

Blackvoxel is an adventure game in an abstract science-fiction world.

Discover it's strange world with animated voxels, travel through mysterious landscapes, avoid deadly traps, learn to use the available resources, become ingenious. Reach the industrialization, robotics and automation stages. Produce machines, robots and aircrafts !

Discover the flying sensations in this particular world and push always further the limits of exploration.

Deploy all your intelligence, your creativity and leave your mark on this universe.


The game is built on the concept of massive voxel animation and interaction (you can see examples in the video).

The gameplay is based on industrialization, robotics and automation.

Blackvoxel development started in september 2010. The game is based on a fully specific game engine wich took a long time to write and optimize. It is specificaly designed to support the main new concept of the game : massive voxel animation and interaction.

Like atoms in the universe, some voxels can interract, move, or react with other voxels. This mean a lot of possible interactions: some physical, thermal and chemical reactions as well as automation.

The engine is writen in C++ using multithreading and specificaly optimized to cope with a lot of moving voxels.

We used a specific lighting model to get an abstract computer style.

The engine use pure voxel paradigm: In Blackvoxel, all is voxel and all is made with pure voxel interactions.

The engine allows an extended universe in the three dimensions including in the vertical direction.

The game actualy runs on Windows XP, 7, 8 and Linux Ubuntu 12.04 and is in english language. MacOs version may be planed if user loves it...

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So, the full and complete Blackvoxel game is now released entirely under the GNU GPL V3 free software licence.

You can find the release of Blackvoxel source code on GitHub

The Blackvoxel Team

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