Bionicle: Quest for Mata Nui is a free fan made open-world RPG set in the universe of Lego Bionicle. The project has been in development for six years and it is set during the first year of Bionicle. It follows the story of the Toa on their quest to collect the 6 great masks of power to rid the island Mata Nui of the evil influence called Makuta. Be sure to join our discord channel for regular updates!

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Today we got another update video for you, this time showcasing the recently added enemy types Muaka and Kane-Ra in a more in-depth way, among other new stuff.

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Additionally to covering our two new enemy types, you get a glimpse at several other new things you havent seen yet, including our revised mask system, which will be covered more in-depth in another update video. I also wanted to present you with some more uninterrupted gameplay so you can get a better feel for how the game flows.

The panther-like Muaka is a swift and powerful adversary. Quick on its feet, the Muaka is a difficult target to hit and you will see them dodging your attacks often. On the offense, the Muaka will pursue you relentlessly and come after you with powerful successive jumping attacks that will be a challenge to avoid even for experienced players.

The Kane-Ra bull is a fearsome tank. Its lack of agility is balanced out by its sizeable health. The Kane-Ra has no need for dodging and instead will go straight for you relentlessly to crush you with its powerful melee attacks. The most fearsome ability in the Kane-Ra´s arsenal is its earth-shattering ground pound that deals incredible damage over a large area, making staying too close to any Kane-Ra a daunting prospect.

Hope you enjoy it! We also have some incredible stuff coming up that we cant wait to share with you soon.

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