A modern, feature rich modification for the FPS Creator game engine. Please visit Blackicemod.org

Visit our YouTube channel to see our latest videos Youtube.com and our Discord server for live chat Discord.gg

New Features:-

Uncapped framerates with optional vsync
Physx support with multi-threading
Ragdoll physics with force impact
Test game menu (realtime visual controls)
Unified shaders with fog and ambient lighting
Auto assign segment and entity shaders
Universe flashlight shader
HDR Bloom post process effect
Dynamic entity shadows
Static shadow volumes for dynamic entities
Advanced explosion and particle FX
Dynamic vegetation shader
Weapon wheel and flak camera
Extra blood mode and gibbing
New launcher for auto updating and lots more


Native 1080p rendering with 720p huds
Free memory on exit game
Lightmap resolution and compression
Shader compatibility for Nvidia and AMD
Xbox controller support
Player collision
Entity pickup physics
Fog and water rendering
Water physics
Planar shadow perspective
Lightrays shader effect
Updated gunspecs for stock weapons
Moving clouds with alpha blending
Optimised water performance

We also include demos, tools and gameplay scripts to get you started with your own levels.

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We've spent the last 12 months developing BETA version of BIMA as follows:

added new scifi weapons and demo
added new ww2 weapons and demo
added new modernday weapons and demo
added xandy AI and demos
added gunshakecam.fpi script and demo
added hand push anims to stock guns and demo
added modern player hud and demo
added parallax mapping shader and demo
added detail mapping shader and demo
added double sided walls / floor demo
added animtest.fpi script and demo
added alwaysactive entity and demo
added story zone demo for video triggers
added blocking out segments and demo
added new generic test game skybox
added waterandair2 demo for alternate huds
added ragdollfade2.fpi script and demo
added marble floor demo with reflections
added flak tracers and demo with boss
added ragdollforce=x for destroy script
added baked ambient occlusion to lightmapper
added skyboxfog=x flag to setup.ini
added shaderweap flag to setup.ini
added marblefloor=0 flag to setup.ini
added lightmapperbypass=x flag to setup.ini
added low_spec_mode=x flag to setup.ini
added progressmeter=x for loading page
added spotflak=x to gunspec.txt for spotflash
added fade out support for enemies
added postprocessing=2 for HDR (nvidia only)
added pause game blur effect texture
added skybox creator to launcher tools
new online BIMA scripting manual
new built game menu template
increased FPI lines from 360 to 1000
increased character AI active distance
improved entity highlighting in editor
improved memory between levels
replaced triggerzones with custom zones
fixed moveplrx=x, moveplry=x, moveplrz=x
fixed plrmovenorth=x, south, east, west
fixed entityimmune command
fixed reachtarget command
fixed stock scifi weapons shader
fixed stock scifi gantries shader
fixes to resolution scaling
fixes to weapon reloading
fixed tf341 weapon support
fixed plrmove command
fixed water air and oxygen huds
fixed percentage hud scaling
fixed limb light destroy
optimized demo maps for memory
updated hud demos
updated BIMA launcher
updated Docs folder
updated license for published games
removed EA warning from built games


You can visit our website at Blackicemod.org

Visit our YouTube channel Youtube.com

Join our discord server to chat Discord.gg

Donate to get a copy of BIMA BETA version donate

BIM Multiplayer v2.0 Update

BIM Multiplayer v2.0 Update


We have now released a full 1080p update for our multiplayer engine and ported MP to FPSC v1.20 source code.

Black Ice Mod Advanced Released

Black Ice Mod Advanced Released

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Black Ice Mod Advanced (BIMA) has now been released for Early Access.

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BIM Singleplayer (Free)

BIM Singleplayer (Free)

Full Version

Free version of BIM for creating singleplayer games

BIM Multiplayer v2.0 Update

BIM Multiplayer v2.0 Update

Full Version

Free HD version of BIM for creating online multiplayer games. Includes lots of other improvements.

BIM Multiplayer (Free)

BIM Multiplayer (Free)

Full Version

Free version of BIM for creating online multiplayer games


What's the difference between the free and the advanced version?

Like does the advanced version have some exclusive editing functions the free version doesn't have?

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60fps gameplay, high definition graphics, a new lighting system, intelligent bot AI, dual wielding weapons and much more.

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Nomad5oul Creator

You can see the main difference at Blackicemod.org

BIMA (donation) is a rewrite of BIM (free) and is better in basically every way. There are no changes to the IDE but there are many changes and improvements to the game engine.

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