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Apr 30 2012 Anchor

I apologize for not posting that 0.5.2 has gone live a week or so ago. My life has been busy, but I think things have settled down, and I'm back working on the game.

This is what will be in 0.5.3:

A new race - Salix Cybornia - They're tree cyborgs, my blog contains a picture of them as well as their description.
Icons - The game now supports custom icons and descriptions for them. What this means is that you can now customize what stats your ship have (HP, or Hull Health, or Ship Integrity, or whatever you want to name it, it's not limited anymore!). I'm currently working on a "tooltip" that pops up when hovering above an equipment or ship that displays the stats of that item. This will be for space combat as well as fleet window where you select ships for moving.
Add Equipment window not closing when you add something, to reduce tedious re-opening of the window after adding something to the ship design.
Improvements and fixes for space combat scripting system.

As for the Demo, there's an odd problem with the demo install. It's missing critical files, but when I try and upload the demo, it compares the files and removes the same missing files, so the files do exist somewhere, but it's not being included. To fix this, I will need to update each file manually, thereby forcing it to see that the files are changed, and add those files.

I hope to have both 0.5.3 and the demo ready within a week!

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