Belladonna is a gothic adventure game, twisted and dark. Take the role of a corpse girl rising from the dead in an abandoned laboratory, and unravel the mysteries concerning your own death and reanimation. After the death of their young child, doctor Wolfram von Trauerschloss and his wife Belladonna are left to deal with the tragedy however they are able. The doctor launches into a dark obsession, devoting his life to the quest of conquering death. The madness spreads and Belladonna is soon dragged into the despair, but the tale takes surprising turns as the dead are brought back to life and the living are not to be trusted.

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Here’s a concept art for the face of the player character. Yep, you will be playing a corpse.

Although this is a 2D game and all backgrounds will be painted, my plan is actually to build this character in 3D. She will then be animated and all her animations will be rendered from eight different angles. I will put quite a lot of effort into making sure the 3D and the 2D blend smoothly, and that everything looks coherent.

I shall soon begin designing the rest of the body. I have sketches of her body shape and over all details, but her clothes are proving to be troublesome. They should logically be the clothes she was buried in, and I want to avoid long dresses and a lot of hanging cloth because of animation issues.

Well, that is a later problem. Let’s rejoice in the fact that we at least have a head, which will be apparent in this game, cannot always be taken for granted! Dun dun dun…

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