Explore a fun and colorful world filled with dungeons and secrets in this (almost) mouse only game, fight monstergirls in a unique type of battle that mixes puzzle, RPG and shoot'em up elements, create items and spells through the use of alchemy.


Taking inspiration from several games of the dungeon crawler genre such as Darkest Dungeon and Etrian Odyssey, exploration in BE Witches takes the form of a room based 2D point & click. Unlike many dungeons crawlers, every room is handcrafted and unique. Find treasures and ressources, enjoy cute dialogue, and discover secrets!


Being a mix of puzzle game, RPG and shoot'em up, the fights in BE Witches are unlike anything ever made! Line up blocks of the same color to obtain mana and cast spells all the while avoiding and destroying shapes, summoned by your opponent. All of this amounts to a high tension kind of battle that requires you to react quickly to an ever changing situation.


Many items, accessories, spells and more can be created through alchemy, as long as you have the required ressources and recipes.
If you can clear the puzzle tied to the recipe, your item will be synthesied!


Last but not least, the amplification system allows your characters to become stronger by clearing a set of condition. This is when the magic of BE happens! Each character can amplify up to rank 5.

This version of BE Witches is a beta, everything is subject to change. You can learn more about the game's development and monstergirl poll on my Patreon page:



(Walkthrough here!)

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New BE Witches demo!


The newest version of BE Witches is out! It may still be an early demo, but there's a lot to see:

- Explore 2 full new areas! Sablee and Sablee Ocean are now available and full of quests, dialogue, puzzles, fights, secrets... There is a lot to see!

- Complete graphical overhaul.
- New SFX.
- New songs by kulor!
- Improved exploration system, battle system and inventory.
- Find power orbs and amplify your character in the new Amplification menu to make them stronger!
- Find recipes and synthesize spells, relics, trinkets and more in the new Alchemy menu. There are 23 recipes to find!
- New Almanach menu! Contains information on opponents you fought, items and recipes you found, and more.
- New Shop menu!
- New Storage menu!
- New Tile Select menu!
- New map menu!
- New training mode!
- New note and transparency system!
- You can now save the game!
- Fights have received a substantial improvement. Fight 8 different monstergirls, each with their own spells and shape summons!
- Speaking of Shapes, Shape fights have been introduced, as well as 13 new Shapes! No puzzle in this one, focus on destroying the shapes and surviving, and obtain shards and new ingredients.
- 80 items to find!
- And last but not least, new Title Screen! It looks really cool.

More info & Download here!



Have fun! :D

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BE Witches 10 03 2020

BE Witches 10 03 2020


The newest version of BE Witches! This is still an alpha, but it should take you 3 to 4 hours to get to the end! Have fun! :D

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