Jump in and take command in a fight that spans six exotic worlds with diverse environments - from steaming, swampy jungles crawling with deadly creatures to rocky wastelands strewn with boiling lava pits to ruined cities half-buried in nuclear snow. Players start by building a base from which they command a force of armored vehicles, infantry, and aircraft through a series of exploratory, offensive and defensive missions. Gamers will drive a variety of tanks and walkers, pilot the scout ships, and even jump out and fight an evil and challenging alien enemy on foot. Each side will choose from an arsenal of powerful weapons including guided missiles, mortars, mines and bazookas. This revolutionary game is the sequel to 1998's Action Game of the Year (Computer Gaming World). Complete Control Over the Battlefield!

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Incredible game, and a worthy thought... possibly confusing, sequel to the original Battlezone released the later 90's, which made ground breaking innovations in the world of gaming, getting near perfect scores in every gaming magazine it was featured in. Still one of the best games ever made.

BZII is a little different and a little more modern, with a story that can go in two different directions, and a community that still thrives and is still making patches for the game.

The game it self though, with all the community patches, is actually a great game, and seriously suggest playing it!!

While BZII was a great game, it suffered from a lot of problems like crashes, memory leaks, bugs, etc. Most of these have been fixed with the community patches... but the community it self feels like a level of hell, populated by immature bickering children with horrid idiotic overly creative ideas who will throw a tantrum if they don't get their way, and backstabbers. Forum politics that will get you banned just because someone in charge doesn't like you. (I've seen it happen.)

Also most of the mods die, there's a slow but steady growing number of annoying children who play the game in multiplayer, and most of the non-adolescent players have absolutely no patience, and will join a stratagy game and try to play it like a deathmatch. They seem to be incapable of understanding that VEHICLES COST YOU LOTS OF BIOMETAL, so they'll loose their ship within a few minutes of joining your game and pester you for another ship. At that point I tell them off and kick them.

All the negatives aside though, I still stand behind this game as a 10 out of 10! It would have been a 6, but because of the community patches, and all the things added and fixed in those patches, I give it a 10!

Battlezone 2 offers a new genre of FPS game that I've never seen in any other game, expect for the original Battlezone. It's a hybrid of base-building, and FPS. The plot is connected with the original Battlezone, and is extremely intricate. Although the original release was rushed, and FULL of bugs, the newest unofficial patches fix it up and make it great.


Loved the switching btw RTS and FPS. Great game and only needs level graphic upgrade, otherwise soo much fun to be had!


will always love and enjoy this original game.

This game is one of those gems from my childhood that I will always go back to, great replayability, great story, great gameplay, and alos some pretty nifty mods aswell

This is a highly recommended game for strategy game enthusiasts


Battlezone II is a perfect game for its time...
The gameplay was actually ahead of its time, and the immersion was eternal.
It ranks the highest on my nostalgia list.


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