Bad Company 2 brings the award-winning Battlefield gameplay to the forefront of PC gaming with best-in-class vehicular combat and unexpected "Battlefield moments". New vehicles like the ATV and a transport helicopter allow for all-new multiplayer tactics on the Battlefield, and with the Frostbite Destruction 2.0 system, you can take down entire buildings and create your own fire points by blasting holes through cover.

Flash112 says

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Great game if youre not in it for the story..
Single player action was pretty great, except for the fact that it was fairly noticable that enemies arent there until you show up (they dont wander around etc. but just show up when i enter an are,even when sneaking)
The story : Way too cheesy for my liking..
The multiplayer- Awesome! though im not really into multiplayer games (if i am not playing with my friends)..
I give it an 8!
Also quite fine performance! (i could run it on high! And the visuals are quite nice!)

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Soo much better than COD and am loving the destructible environments!

Jul 25 2011 by Starkiller2356