Set in the near future, players will be thrust into conflict on the open seas, engaging in top down combat inspired by arcade classics such as 1942 and Missile Command. A pirate conglomeration equipped with the latest military hardware wages an unopposed war of plunder within the vital trade routes of the world. A naval force of modern warships drawn from a unified community of free nations is assembled to meet this growing threat. You are their commander. Players command a fleet of real-world, modern-day fighting ships; directing advanced armaments including anti-air missiles, large caliber naval guns and jump jet interceptors. Quick reactions and tactical decision making will be required to defeat an assortment of land, sea and air based opponents.

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Fun to start with but the later levels are a chore, especially missiles appearing right next to your ships on the very far edge of the screen leaving no time for interception, feels like the game is cheating or lazy programming. Either way it's a shame as it goes from fun to frustration

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