This is a small village and all begin here. We are from Hunter Guild. We made from a bunch of able men and women from different backgrounds. We mine ores, gather plants, arm ourselves and hunt for food to survive.
"We fight to survive, we build to protect."

*This is an alpha version
Most of your game data is very likely to be reset. For example, the mission progress, we expect there are huge changes on some or all missions.

- Multiple Mission Types (Collecting, Exploration, Transportation...)
- Tactically swap the gems to move your character
- Carefully plan what you need to bring and how much water you need.
- Each playable character have his/ her own home with unique culture.

- Combat System
- New mission Type (Hunting)
- Realistic Village Economics and Friendship System (Coming soon)
- Strategically influence the village development.
- Village developing with different appearance after certain upgrades.
- New playable characters
- Each playable characters have his/her own skills
- Crafting System: Craft usable item according to your needs

This game contains cartoon alcohol icons, like a Japanese alcohol called "Sake". However, there is no actual alcohol drinking animation.

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Hello. We made our first Android game. It's an unique match-3 game (at least I' ve never seen one similar). We worked for around 6 months. We would like some honest opinions.

Link: Get It On Google Play

Thank you so much!

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More about the game:
Rather than classic match-3 game, we would like to make a game with both adventure and simulation elements. We don't aim at creating many stages or unbeatable stages but creating mission-based stages in different biomes and zones. So players can gather needed resources to build the village.
There would be some simple story lines in main missions (like unlocking a town building, new characters etc.) .
Since it is still just an alpha version, there are much things not functional. We planed to develop the warehouse system atm but may change depending on your opinions. For now there are only a handful of missions(around 10+). And unfortunately, your game save may inevitably reset after certain update like after mission rebalancing, removal, etc.
Update interval is not fixed but i think 1 per week because we only have 1 programmer(it's me :) ) and 1 artist for this game. We will post our update plan on our facebook page from time to time. If you are interested, please like and follow us.

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