Using the Lord Of The Rings movie license, The Battle for Middle-earth is a Real-Time Strategy game based upon both the renown literary works of J.R.R. Tolkien, and the film trilogy directed by Peter Jackson. Players are given control of enormous armies in the many of the epic battles depicted in the film. From waging all-out combat among the vast forces of good and evil to controlling your favorite heroes and characters to managing the troops and resources of your side, the fate of a living, breathing Middle-earth is in the player's hands.

future4 says

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The game is pretty nice and the most unique thing about it is that everyone starts out with castles, camps, or outpost and this is not in any other game + the good campaign is laid out very well, the downside is that the factions do get kinda boring after a while but, that's what mods are for!

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best game ever gondor rulez

Feb 23 2011 by physco1