App's main features:

  • Battles and buildings' upgrades do not require waiting time.
  • Original elements such as enslaving enemy units, sending parasites, prison camps, civil wars, insurrections, ransom demands, false flag, propaganda.

Features in detail:

  • Use Fake-Queens to parasitize the enemy nests.
  • Use Pheromones to create havoc in the enemy defenses.
  • Use Slaver Ant to kidnap the enemy worker ants.
  • Use the Killer to kill key enemy units.
  • Use Guerrillas for guerrilla actions.
  • Fund Secret Agency to finance Civil Wars in enemy nests.
  • Manage prison camps where you can capture captives and demand ransom.
  • Concealment of the nest, spies, group chat, and more.
  • Task Force go into action in order to save your prisoners from enemy prisons.
  • Ant News. A news bulletin that generates news every 4 hours.
  • False Flag. Attack enemies or your own nest, then blaming other.
  • Military Reserve Force.
  • Military exercise.
  • Propaganda.
  • Concealment of the nest, spies, cooperative block of a nest, and more…

Planned Features:

  • Weapons trafficking.

Online since: Jul 29, 2013
but is still in Alpha, new updates every 1-2 months

Battle Ants MMO is still under development, so many things are not yet as they should be. But I work hard to improve the game.

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Battle Ants MMO is a strategic text game playable on Android. The game is developed by the independent team Torbak Games.

In the game you have to manage an anthill and face other players.
The game system has a very simple approach and allows player to fight promptly against other players.

But the originality of the game stands in the rules. The game has a bit crude aspects but wittly developed. For exemple, you can send queen ants to replace the queens of an unfortunate player who is breeding them as his. Then we have the prisoner of war camps, where you can either handle the prisoners captured by other players, or pay a ransom, or make the prisoners work to produce weapons.

There are slaves, worker ants, always kidnapped from other players and who are likely to design leaks . Then there is the possibility of managing intelligence services to spy the opponents or to finance civil wars in the other players’ anthills.

There are also, exercises, traps, refuges, task force and “false flag” which consists in attacking a player throwing the blame on another one.

Controls are simple enough, every aspect is well explained. The game is developed by a small independent team and it is still in Alpha version. New updates are available every two months.

About Battle Ants MMO

About Battle Ants MMO


Battle Ants is text-game born almost for fun. Development began in July 2013, the game is still in Alpha. Whenever I think of a features I think: "This...

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