Story in big lines: You are the Omega Project a military project created by the government, the main purpose was to create a super warrior. since the project became to expensive they had to put you in a highly secured prison. your 'friend', a mysterious man helps you to get out. your main goal is to strike back and eliminate all personal that were part of this project

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Who are we?

We are an indie Dev-team that is creating a small FPS to gain experience within the gaming industry and possibly more. Our game is called Banned and we are using the LeadWerks game engine. We've had several small groups within our team that was creating their own project and using help from team members. But most of those are gone and most members are in-active which we are not very pleased of.

Now we are getting more experienced within the team and we are looking to get more serious people that will want to help and start working with us.

Our aim is for this game to be completed and then we can move onto the next game which we will improve even further.

Our staff; (As of now)
Dennis Kluytmans - CEO, Programmer
Neill Adriaansen - Co Founder, Designer
Paul Evers - 3D modeling
Oskar Svensson - Social Technology

We are looking for people with some experience, good enough experience to be able to work with us. A creative mind, friendly personality and outgoing. We could really go on talking about easy requirements, we accept every one as only as you are friendly and hardly working!

People we are looking for:
Coding: (Accepting four people)
Web design: (Accepting four people)
Skilled in HTML, php, css. Whatever really, just so we can count on you making the company's
face great. We were also thinking about making our website talk with game scripts. Similar to
BF3, not that we want to rip it off or any. Just a neat idea for the future!

2D artists: (Accepting three people)
Has to have experience within creating textures and menu bars for in game. Skilled in photoshop or
other good editing softwares.

3D artists: (Accepting five people)

For making buildings, models, characters etc. It is quite self explanatory. What we need in you is
skilled with 3D modeling programs. Preferably up to-date software.

Animators: (Accepting 3 people)

To be able to animate doors, characters and weapons. Stuff like that. You have to be able to use up
to-date software and know how to do it in an intermediate level.

Concept Artists: (Accepting four people)

Well.. being able to create concept art for the other artists to work around with. Requirements? Being
able to draw and posing it nicely.

Musicians: (Accepting four people)

Straightforward, creating music for the game. Including ambient sound as well as normal music when
encountering dangers etc.

World Designers: (Accepting five people)
Goes hand in hand with the 3D modelers. Creating the world and maps.

We are accepting as many as it says on top;
But we would be glad and happy for ages, if we get just one person on each position! :)


Application format:

Simple and neat to understand.

Name and surname:
Position your applying for:
Portfolio, or something that can show us your skill:
Which time-zone, makes it easier for us to contact you:
Ways to contact you (i.e. email, facebook, similar):

We want you to send your application to:

For more information feel free to contact us or visit our website!

Thanks for reading this! Hope to get an application from you!

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