A remake of the Multiplayer of Conker's Bad Fur Day™ on the Nintendo 64.

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Bad Fur Day Remake back to basics, new forums and progress has been made!

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Long time no new version. While I don't have a new version to give, I do however got some good news. I have been working on Bad Fur Day Remake with some additional help and learning. While that's the good news, there is always bad news. The bad news is that I haven't gotten a version out for everyone to play!

Current version in development will support both Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch (And yes it is working!). However bots have been removed as they are way to much work for little result, they are not canned for future releases but for now there are much higher priorities.

With that said, I'm announcing the new Bad Fur Day Remake website, which is a forum. On these forums people can chat about BFDR, reminisce about other conker games and even try out builds of BFDR before they are publicly announced. I'll be posting pre-release versions of the game to the forums which only forum members can see, my hope is to get people to actually test my game with me as finding enough people is surprisingly hard.

The forums also will be the hub for custom levels, even now BFDR can support custom made levels from which anyone can make, obviously it requires some level of skill to do but I hope to get some tutorials out as soon as possible.

I wanted to touch on the "colors" level in this news update, as most have seen the level is the original with some higher resolution textures on it, this was intentional for two reasons. First reason being I wanted to recreate the exact multiplayer from the original game, while its not visually appeasing in this day and age I still want to include it in BFDR no matter what. The second reason is that it takes time to create a new level, I definitely want to recreate Colors with the same layout but utilize the visuals that the engine can support. The fact still stands that it could take weeks for me to completely remake it, time I can spend on other important things such as a working base game.

While I am working on BFDR now, it is unlikely I'll spend much time on it in the near future, I just founded my game company and we've got a game project to finish! (I'll post about it later) Check the new forums for posts and other progress reports that aren't news post worthy.


Dude thats ******* awesome!!!! thank you!!!! Fix the sniper though ;). Mouse and keyboard with Conker sounds orgasmic

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Hope you bring back bots someday but its great to see that there is still work being done on this

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Bots are very important in my honest opinion, there was this other game I'm tracking that had a nice article on why ai bots are one of the if not the most important things for a game.
(About why games nowadays die so fast without bots and stuff like that.)

Anyway I hope you will support bots someday, untill then lurking and waiting/hoping for ai bot support :)

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Thanks for all your work! I know is too early to ask for it but can you in the future make this awesome project compatible with a console controller like playing with the Xbox 360 or the dualshock3 thanks just an idea for console gamers who waited forever for something like your project!!!! Thanks again :-) .

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