Avolition is a 3D, arcade style, H&S, dungeon-crawling game for Windows, Linux and Mac. It's designed to run not only on modern, high-end hardware, but also (or even mainly) on computers that are a few years old. It uses only the most important, basic techniques to render visually pleasing scenes without overstraining the hardware. These include: Dynamic, per-pixel lighting Gloss, glow and normal mapping Dynamic soft shadows Fullscreen bloom/glow filter Antialiasing (multisample) The player can select a character class and customize it using just 3 sliders. For example when selecting a spell-caster class, the player can balance between dealing high damage to a single target or lower damage but to multiple enemies at once. Each class has only 2 active skills, but each skill is unique - this is not just a mix of ranged and melee attacks with different visual effects that one might see in other games.

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A short overview of all the 'active' skills (or 'actions') available to all the characters in the game. Part two will be about 'passive skills' and character creation, so stay tuned.

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Unique Classes:

In Avolition you can select one of four character classes. Each class is unique in its own way. In many other games the choice is cosmetic, playing as a 'mage' looks the same as playing as an 'archer' - both have range attacks, sometimes both have area of effect attack, melee classes offer at best the choice between many fast attacks or few stronger ones. In Avolition every class is unique and no two skills are alike.

The Gladiator

The Gladiator is a strong melee fighter. He's the only one brave (or foolish) enough to fight monsters in hand-to-hand combat. He doesn't rely on heavy armor, the secrete of his success is the smart use of a shield and knowing when to move out of the way of incoming attacks. Some of the other classes can deal out more raw damage, but because he has the most hit points, can regenerate life and block attacks - The Gladiator is the strongest of them all. His skills are:


Skills in use

As simple as it gets. Swing your sword, hit your enemies, stop when they stop moving. Holding down the left mouse button allows you to put more strength into the attack - the longer you hold it down, the stronger the attack will be. The attack is executed when you release the mouse button. Releasing early on allows for a overhead swing - a fast attack, but it will only ever hit the nearest enemy right in front of you. Holding it longer allows to make a horizontal swing hitting everything in a wide arc - and if you move your mouse in just the right way, you can actually hit all the monsters in a 360 degrees arc.


Skills in use

Holding down the right mouse button allows for a block. But you can only block for a very short time. When blocking you can't move, you can't attack and you can't charge your attack, but depending on your passive skills you can block up to 100% of incoming damage. Time the block and attacks right and you are invincible!


The Witch uses magic to depose of her enemies from afar. She can harm many enemies at once or deal massive damage to a single target. She doesn't use any armor, so every hit can be a deathblow, but luckily she's fast on her feet, so she can outrun all of her enemies. Because she deals the most damage she is without doubt the strongest. Her skills are:

Magic Bolt

Skills in use

Skills in use

There are few things more dangerous then this ball of raw, superheated magical energy. Holding down the left mouse button allows you to gather ambient magical energy and form it into a small sphere. Releasing the button lunches that ball at a selected point -it will explode on impact . Holding the mouse button down makes the Magic Bolt more powerful - the explosion will be bigger and so will be the damage. But be careful - you can't move while charging this attack, and the explosion will harm you if you are to close.


Skills in use

When you hold the right mouse button a bolt of lightning shoots from her hands, electrocuting anything in its path. The damage can vary according to her skills, but it always is very, very effective. It is also simple to use and easy to aim, it hits instantly and it hits everything.


The Rogue is an excellent archer and even if arrows don't do as much damage as magic, she is the most dangerous of all the characters thanks to her ability to cripple enemies. Her skills:


Skills in use

There's more to shooting arrows then just hitting a target. With good aim (and some passive skills) a Rogue can slow an enemy down or make him lose health over time.

Skills in use



Not getting hit at all is always the best defense. Holding down the right mouse button allows the Rogue to move for a brief moment of time with twice the normal speed. Moving out of harms way was never simpler.


Like the Witch, the Druid uses arcane powers to defeat his enemies, but his spells are nothing like those of the Witches. His powers are difficult to use but allow him to flood levels with deadly lava and teleport with a blink of an eye - no other character can match powers like that. His skills are:


Skills in use

Holding down the left mouse button allows you to create a ball of lava out of thin air. The longer you hold the button the bigger the ball will grow. The ball fallows your mouse cursor and with a bit of skill you can throw the ball into any direction. If the button is released or the ball hits something, it starts to loose its shape, forming a small lake of molten rock. Anything that tries to pass this lake of fire will burn (including the Druid himself).

Skills in use
Skills in use


The Druid moves very slow, but with just a click of the right mouse button you can teleport instantly to any point. Mastering this technique allows to avoid all attack and lure enemies right into your magma traps.

Skills in use
Skills in use

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