Aura Online is a hack and slash MMORPG where you explore a dynamic world and uncover the relics left behind by ancient civilizations. Current factions fight for territory and resources in a dynamic world that comes to life around you while you're on your own adventure. When you're away set up shop to share your wares in the field. Defeat monsters that threaten you and uncover the knowledge and treasures of the past.

The Story

The catastrophic nature of our universe. A comet often visited the planet of Thesis, orbiting passing through the night sky as predicted. What they didn't notice is how close it got every year. The ancient civilization named the Oracle. They believed it was the answer to all of their woes. When the two bodies met, it caused a great cataclysm that shook Aura and unleashed a column of thunder and lightning, now known now as the cosmic thunderbolt.

Life was nearly wiped out on Thesis, however, life did survive, but it came at a great price. The world lost most of its knowledge and life. Kingdoms were buried and once great monuments to the gods lie broken, tilted, and partially exposed. Great treasures became scattered and magic was lost. The world became a labyrinth, beasts filled in where once high civilizations thrived. It took many years for nature and life to come back and flourish the world again.

The Beginning

When the player creates a new game, they are brought to the character creation screen. Choose from two genders of human and your character's skin tone. Customize your face, hair, eyes, and outfit. The Zodiac sign designated to your character determines universal strengths and weaknesses. The player’s nation also determines where in the world the player begins. Not one beginning area has an advantage over
another, but certain classes do better depending on location. The player is introduced to the first book of Thesis and is given the outline of the cataclysm that shaped the world. The player discovers that this is only volume 1. The player must set out in the world and find the complete set of The Books of Thesis. But there are many mysteries in Thesis with infinite paths.


Most controls can be rebound in the settings.
Adventure Mode
Adventure Mode controls have the left half of the screen used for analog movement, the top right quarter
displays a map, and the bottom right quarter the toggle to auto-run.
Combat Mode
The left half of the screen is used for analog movement. The top right half is used for magic and the
bottom right is used for rapid attack. The Controls are adjustable in the settings with multiple play styles
Freelook takes the camera to a first-person perspective and allows the player to look around by moving
the device.
Analog Sticks
The Left Analog Stick is for movement. The Right Analog Stick is for controlling the camera or a spell.
Bluetooth Controllers
Bluetooth controllers can be hooked up. An official Aura Controller will be made.


Nintendo Switch, Windows, Linux (Steam), Android

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The Aura Shop Concept


Aura Online allows your character to persist in the game even while the game is closed and you're away. You can be away from the controller or have the game completely offline. Your main character lives in the world so while you're in the field you'd typically camp, but you can also extend services to sell goods, loot, artifacts, equipment or consumables for an out in the field pick-me-up other players may need.

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You then have the option to present your camp as a temporary building. These buildings can be Shop huts, Towers, or Tents. While a shop hut you sell wares, as a tower you can defend yourself and gain loot while away, and tents can be set up as shops or for private resting.


This is an original drawing I did on a Wacom 3, probably in 2005. I have had this idea for a very long time.

You can have a nation you belong to so your flag can be associated with that, the texture of the tent or structure can be customized to your liking. You will definitely have to work towards certain textures, colors, patterns, that can be obtained and set to your structure.

I can't wait to see how it plays out for all the users, and there's definitely some alterations that may need to be made to balance the game later on. I will continue to post updates about the game as I prepare material for the Kickstarter which will be launching very soon. I am just trying to perfect the rewards and presentation to hopefully get funded! Thank you for your interest and please spread the word about this game to your friends.

Screenshots of early prototype from March 2018

Screenshots of early prototype from March 2018


Here is a preview of the prototype from earlier this year. The UI was finally coming together and the panel changing and progression worked.

Hello Everyone! KickStarter coming soon!

Hello Everyone! KickStarter coming soon!


Hello, we're on IndieDB now and we are getting ready to start the Kickstarter!

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Aura Online
Windows, Linux, Android, Switch
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Got some new gear! A much needed harddrive and router to support the game. #hackandslashadventure

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I'm developing Aura with an og Toontown Online mousepad! I got this recently as a gift and I love it.

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