Humanity is no more. From the deepest corners of space, the Astrozombies took the Earth by storm. Their advanced technology and ruthless ways lead to a swift and certain death. Yet, as silent as they arrived, they disappeared back into the distant stars. You play as the lone survivor who, hidden aboard one of their spaceships, crashes into their planet with a score to settle. Nowhere to return and no one to save, revenge is all that remains…

There is only one thing on the Astronaut's mind: ASTROZOMBIES MUST BE DESTROYED!

With no fancy stuff like multiple jumps or power-ups (leave those to the secret unlockable characters ;) ), it’s up to your own prowess to get through the deadly stages and rid the universe of this evil. Armed only with your trusty blaster and your courage, a lonely gravestone awaits in the distance.

Beware… Astrozombies!


  • A unique, carefully crafted 2D art style.
  • Raw arcade gameplay that goes right into the action.
  • Test your skills through unique and challenging stages.
  • Encounter over 30 different kinds of enemies.
  • Bring down some tough-as-nails bosses.
  • 2 secret characters, each with its own playstyle.
  • Extra unlockables to encourage repeated runs.
  • Uncover the lore by filling the Zombiepedia.
  • A bunch of achievements for bragging rights.
  • Original soundtrack developed by musician Lucas Córdoba.
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Marquee 1

Hello everyone! We're very excited to announce that the game demo is finally available for download in Steam right here:

As the lone survivor of the Astrozombies' attack on Earth, you'll take the fight to their home planet in order to exact your revenge. Astrozombies must be destroyed!

Ancient Tomb Burial Grounds

screenshotxtra screenshotxtra2

Demo contents:

  • The first two stages of the game: The arid wastelands of the Burial Grounds, and the labyrinthine Ancient Tomb
  • The Zombiepedia: Selectable from the main menu, it contains information on enemies you've defeated
  • Sound Test: Selectable from the main menu, you can use it to sit back and enjoy the game's stellar soundtrack at your leisure. And yes, that even includes the music of later stages!
  • Controller support
  • Customizable controls

While some features such as achievements won't be available in the demo, rest assured that they will be there in the full release. We hope you enjoy this first peek of what the game has to offer as much as we've enjoyed making it, and please feel free to comment,follow on instagram and wishlist the game if you like it!

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