Explore, Adventure, Craft, Build, Survive. How will you shape your smooth voxel procedural world?

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Jaguarsun says

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Game is coming along nicely.Still in it's early stages with the developers working hard to bringing an exciting and fun game. Looking forward to the finished product.


Babbles says

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I love playing games, But a lot more with Developers who actually love and care about their game and this can be seen more with developers who get little to no funding and more so due to some people who buy an early access game who instead of reporting when encountering bugs and issues leave bad and hate reviews and refund straight away, Which leaves them with less money, But they are and have been devoted and continue out of their own pockets to work on the game till finished, This is why I love Tethys interactive's game ♥


luchkopetr2012 says

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