Set in mysterious Ancient Egypt, Assassin’s Creed Origins is a new beginning. Experience a new way to fight while exploring the Great Pyramids and hidden tombs across the country of Ancient Egypt, and encounter many memorable storylines along your journey. And discover the origin story of the Assassin's Brotherhood.

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Tallestdavid says

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haven't played it. but I loved oddyssee so I think ill try and play this too. I know gonna love this I love all AC games. especially black flag.


X4VI3R says

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Beautifully crafted. The historical and geographical setting is unique. It's combat style deviated quite from previous releases.
The Hidden Ones DLC contained the story development that connects the game to the rest of the saga.


feillyne says

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It's an epic game, riddled with bugs, forced arena combat that doesn't allow you to choose your own equipment (Kensa can fight using a bow but you can't?) and pay2win in singleplayer games (low value micro-DLC, just like Bethesda's paid mods initiative).

Cons and issues:
- forced combat scenes and arena fights that don't let you use your own weapons instead of ubisoft's crap
- no map filters (by category; shops, camps, etc.)
- no individual HUD/GUI settings (there are only presets)
- forced photo mode (what the hell) that is not turned off by default (Photo Mode is off in the options but community photos still show up as the first filter and prevent painless fast-travel), no, the feature is not the problem, the real issue is you can't switch it off utterly and permanently without always filtering the map, and yes, the photo blips were blocking fast travel points (had to hover out and over to fast-travel)
- forced social/pseudo-multiplayer that can't be safely opted out
- still very buggy, just not buggy like AC Unity was, just buggy in its own way, assassination prompts are worst when sometimes they don't trigger at all in the bushes when not moving at all (moving while hidden helps it trigger), loot appears below the ground making it irretrieveable, even one instance of a captain vanishing into thin air (probably died from rebels in the area, which didn't count as a kill, or something else)
- arrows are gone in the Rome boss fight, reloading last objective doesn't help (thanks to the retarded ubisoft team who can't reset the scene and the goddamn ammo), and naturally can't be aborted either as it is a main storyline quest (which should be retractable nonetheless) <- yes, if you play on Hard, an empty quiver on desync is a serious handicap
- being on fire on a ship (not a boat) kills you in less than 2 seconds (must be a bug, on land it takes a fair deal more than a few seconds)
- no way to equip and customise aya
- the game lacks minor, miscellaneous quests and story-supported assassination contracts, that sort of thing, in addition to side quests. Like Witcher Contracts in Witcher 3, which were properly embedded in the story (well-narrated)
- the RPG system is not half-baked but is not quite full-baked either, can't buy back items, can't craft weapons and armour (only some utilities/improvements levels)
- the parkour system is a little weird compared to recent AC games and takes a bit to get used to, running was tweaked too much
- other issues such as loot casually disappears after death, can't complete objectives carrying a rescued person on your mount, sometimes it makes sense to put them down on some bedroll, but sometimes it doesn't make sense at all and the quest stage should be auto-completed just fine even when riding with that other person mounted not dismounted

Nah, the above bugs are not insignificant bugs or glitches such as animals standing vertical the wrong way like they occasionally do. They are gameplay-breaking bugs, however small or annoying.

The setting, Egypt, is beautiful, the world is huge, music enchanting, the combat fluid and graceful, and the RPG system and an adequate amount of side quests is a rather welcome change (makes the game longer and enriches it in a few ways, gives a reason to collect all those meaningless trinkets and complete the game, well, completely). It's like Black Flag, gameplay is expanded, this time with side quests, and more in-depth exploration is demanded to gain good loot and XP.

Can't miss buying property and making a profit on it, it was cool, but it was game-breaking, you could get all the equipment without even trying. AC Origins forces you to raid tombs, explore locations, wreak a fiery havoc on military camps. Can't say it's an AC game or not an AC game, every AC game seems to undergo a heavy experimentation process, and almost no two AC games are identical to date. (Well, maybe except for Brotherhood and Revelations, and Black Flag and Rogue, which shared almost every game mechanic, in quite the same way.)

Oh, and you need a powerful PC to play it comfortably. Many people had performance issues due to the draconian DRM implemented in the game.

So far, the favourite AC game.

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