Discover an intriguing and fascinating new epic story of power, revenge, and conspiracy set in a pivotal moment of history: the Italian Renaissance.

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This game is possibly one of my favorite games in the Assassin's Creed series, and in the world of gaming. The story to these games just make you want to know whats coming next... Its like Lost, but you have to wait a year to see the next episode.

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"Conspiracies in Renaissance Italy" A story that gives you Ezio from a young and rich heir boy to a tactical and vindictive killer. Surveillance and killing of key individuals in the Templar order is part of everyday life for the man who seeks revenge on those responsible for his beloved family's demise. Assassin's Creed now have many new opportunities to buy weapons, stores, upgrades, armor and a lot more. What grabbed me, is that in this game you have the opportunity to meet "Leonardo Da Vinci…

Aug 10 2015 by Kark-Jocke