Arsenal Shock - First person arena shooter. OUT NOW ON STEAM.

COMBAT: Blending fast-paced first person shooter combat with ruthless enemies in diverse and challenging levels environments, Arsenal Shock pins the player in a mayhem-fueled fighting arena. Use a variety of dual weapons to fight off endless waves of enemies that get harder and harder. A score system always adds up total score at the end of each round.

ARENA MODE: 9 diverse levels including: Egypt, Gladiator arena, Hell, Mayan, Scifi, Nuclear, Arctic, Village and Bounce. Use bounce pads and teleports to stay one step ahead of enemies.

CAGE MATCH MODE: Use gravity fields and double jumping to your advantage to fight off deadly drones. Use dexterity to your advantage to stay alive.

PLAYGROUND MODE: Play with a gravity gun, shoot barrels, destroy breakables and hover around in gravity fields.

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Arsenal Shock announced!


Arsenal Shock is a fast-paced singleplayer arena dual-weapon shooter. Use a multitude of weapons to fight off endless waves of enemies and achieve new high scores in 11 diverse mayhem-filled arenas. Also includes two Playground levels with gravity gun functionality. COMING SOON.

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