Arpago is action RPG-lite set in cartoony fantasy world. You can choose one of 3 playable races, one of 5 character classes, and explore the world, fight various enemies, track down the villains by completing quests, talk with many NPCs, get some sweet loot, team up with your partner and do all of that in co-op!

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I managed to make several improvements to my workflow, as well as create a bunch of new content and add the necessary polish here and there :)

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Hi everyone!

It has been longer than I expected since I last posted here - sorry for that. Keeping up with all the media sites is a rather hard on your own, so here I will try listing what we've achieved in the last 80 days :)

I made a new font for dialogues. The previous one is still used for shorter stuff (names, menu options, etc), but it was a bit awful to read few lines of text of it. The new one is much easier on the eyes, check out yourself :)

It's a bit of "behind the scenes", but I guess there might be someone interested in it - I'll post a separate article with the process explained. I prepared a completely new workflow for creation of dialogues and quests. I can now create/modify dialogue in no time, as I write them in a neatly made Excel sheet, export it to Unity and it's there :D I takes like 5 times less time to modify any of the above than before.

Excel workflow

Improved enemy pathfinding - the code was there, but too often it happened that enemies tried walking through each other. It still happens, but they are more likely to go around each other now, and there are no glitches/jumps. I also made some changes to the colliders, and the bug of the player teleporting onto the enemy doesn't happen at all now.

I had this system in the game ever since 2016, but it was on hold until I better understand the underlying systems of Unity. I re-implemented weapon trails, and made them look better, I like it a lot!

Inventory interface improvements - added Cancel button, fixed icons when assigning hotkeys, few other minor things. It feels fluid in my opinion.

Added a bunch of new camps (which are savepoints) to the tutorial area. They look cool so here's one of those:

Completely new animations for almost all Ranger abilities- Bolt Rain, Enhanced Shot, Double Shot, Invincibility:

Tricky Trap also has a cool animation when triggered:

And some combat, because I haven't posted any in a while. An Ant dies in 1 shot, and Cyclops starts running away when on low health!

Using feedback from various sources, I tried improving whatever I could last month, and picked up the pace a bit. It's not shown here, but I also implemented a brand-new interface for tutorial tooltips (I'll show more of it soon, when it's closer to completion), created some quests, wrote new dialogue, have got entirety of Act 1 planned out, and a few more things. Adam has prepared some very nice sound effects, as well as musical pieces, which will probably be a part of next gameplay video :) As always, I'd be more than happy to answer any questions :D

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