Apocalypse Neighbors is a 2D action strategy game with turn-based artillery combat and construction. The Devil Man has sent forth his demons across ‘Murica and they’ve corrupted your neighbours, the only solution? Take turns in building up your house and destroying your neighbour’s house! To do this you can fling a variety of wacky ammo with catapults and cannons mounted on your house or you could send a tornado their way! Apocalypse Neighbors will offer cross platform multiplayer; the game is currently being developed for play on most mobile devices, PC and Console. We envision a world where people from all devices are able to play together. Get ready to become an Apocalypse Neighbour!

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APOCALYPSE NEIGHBORS is a 2D action strategy game with turn-based artillery combat and construction. Once described it as a mash-up between Worms and Angry birds. We think that is pretty accurate.
The fight to reclaim Murica begins on May 16th 2015, on iOS mobile devices.

The Devil Man has sent forth his demons to corrupt the world. They have hidden evil artifacts that are corrupting houses; destroy these demonic objects using lots of crazy ammo and special attacks. Become an Apocalypse Neighbor and free Murica from demons.

Fling a variety of wacky over-sized ammo at your evil neighbors using catapults and cannons mounted on your house! Destroy the demonic objects in the demonic houses and free Murica from evil. Protect the holy relics stashed in your house by building and adding defenses. Play with dozens of characters each with unique ammo and earn points to spend on upgrades and wacky special attacks and ammo. Progress through hundreds of increasingly difficult levels, 251 total levels!

The game balances management and building with artillery dueling. Earning Dominance Points by destroying enemy houses and evil artifacts will be critical for progression, as will choosing how to spend them. Deciding whether to build or use a special could be the difference between victory and defeat. Take turns in attacking and building and find your favorite character and ammo combinations to bring swift retribution to the Devil Man and his minions.

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