Antilia is a sandbox-style role-playing game set in a unique, beautiful fantasy world. Antilia features three intelligent races each struggling to discover the secrets of their magical world. The Taipii pursue the arts, build great cities, and discover a dangerous but powerful form of magic. The Sakii rule the sky, and have mastered self transmutation - capable of taking many shapes and forms. Underground, the Reisuii build wondrous machines, and carve vast cities in The Deep.

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Antilia has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter! We're looking for backers who would like to see Antilia out of alpha and onto a regularly available server. We are giving all of Antilia's gameplay systems another pass, expanding the world, and adding new customization and crafting options.

We want to share a world that is beautiful, interesting to explore, and is filled with likable characters and friendly players. We've taken inspiration for Antilia from both Western sandbox-style RPGs as well as our favorite fantasy authors - and are carefully crafting each gameplay system to stand on its own as fun and enjoyable. It has been quite a journey for us thus far - we've had to tackle difficult technical challenges, continually grow our creative skills, and embrace the idea that Antilia's success depends on the community's feedback in realizing our collective vision.

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Update this page!

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Bill_Cipher - - 284 comments

this looks great

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Okinomi - - 1 comments

This looks amazing!

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There are a lot of gameplay mechanics not actualy covered by the intro of the kickstarter talked about and worked on. You can find that on the Twitch-Channel(rightbraingames)

Check it out, what me got pumped up is housing and the ability to set up an own shop with an npc running it for me if I am on adventure. Also having player Inns.
Have fun, TimQbic

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