Are you the new recruit?

Well, grab your weapons and descent into battle on distant planets. There you will combat the Alien invasion called the Cubicon Conjunction. Waves will hit you so you better blast these invaders from the sky before they crash onto your base.

Anti Air: is a VR homage to the best of retro gaming.

As the Cubicon Conjunction begins, descent to various planets across the galaxy and blast away the Cubicon invaders.

For the Cubicons it is not just a matter of cubes, it is about life and death.

Use a variety of advanced weaponry to battle these Alien invaders.

Resist waves of different Cubicon invaders which enter the planet’s troposphere from the outer space. Their goal is to eradicate everything on the planet, starting with you – the planet’s first line of defense and its last chance.

Select a planet to save and get your weapons ready.

Bring enough ammunition with you to the ground, as this might be the last chance to preserve that planet in the universe.

Protect the various planets in the galaxy from the elusive and vicious attackers.

They will send their best warriors in different formations to outwit your every move.

Enjoy this unique competitive Virtual Reality (VR) Arcade game.

How many space Cubicons will you take down?

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Anti Air welcomes new recruits to join the battle against the Cubicon invasion. A virtual Reality (VR) arcade action experience combining new technology with popular 80's retro vibes and game mechanics. Available August 1st after a period of Early Access.

Immerse and surround yourself in an action packed VR arcade game that brings you to a new age retro styled galaxy. Discover and use a variety of your favorite weaponry, such as missiles and lasers, to withstand the Cubicon invasion in different game modes. Descent to a variety of planets each with a unique atmosphere. Have fun blasting your way through uniquely designed Cubicons that are completely destructible into smaller parts.

Enter the battlefield and rotate your turret around to eliminate wave after wave of invading Cubicons. In the Arcade waves are dynamically generated, based on a variety of parameters. Heading for you from above and around, resulting in a 360 degrees and unpredictable experience.

Scoring is based on skill and progress. Expand your base and discover new weapons playing the campaign, use these to improve your game in the Arcade game mode. If that’s not enough visit the shooting range to work on your accuracy and marksman skills to eventually set a new global high score. Finally go forth to set the new high score showing you’re the number one in the galaxy.

• Two game modes; Campaign & Arcade.
• Compete against other players in the Arcade mode to become the number one player.
• Blast around with a variety of weapons.
• A seated VR experience.
• Uniquely crafted bosses that have to be destroyed piece by piece until there is nothing left.
• Multiple environments with a retro vibe.
• Containing both casual and 360 degrees fast-action-paced gameplay.
• Dynamically generated waves of enemies resulting in a diverse arcade experience.

Anti Air just had a major update for Steam early access

Anti Air just had a major update for Steam early access


Defy enemy Cubicons on three different planets and use your arsenal of new weapons to stand your ground and eradicate the invading Cubicons in this #VRGame...

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